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Well, that makes sense. I see I posted nothing the entire month of December. There is good reason for that. Let's just say that there were some surprises and a whole lot of demands on my energy and time.

I usually get to enjoy the week between Christmas and New Year's Day reflecting on the past year and doing some "4th step" work - aka personal inventory. It's not the same at all really. The kind of inventory that I do now involves looking back over the year and taking note of what worked, what didn't, what changed, what happened. It recalls people, places, and happenings. We all know that 2020 had no shortage of happenings, right? We can agree on this. Like so many I saw posting on Facebook, which apparently I don't actually do very often, I can say that 2020 wasn't all bad. There were some good things and valuable lessons to be reaped from even the hard things that the world experienced. I imagine there is a whole lot more gratitude lists being made, things we all took for granted - until we didn't.

I forgot to mention that I didn't get to spend the week doing an inventory, and that is really a bummer for me. I need it like I need oxygen, so I hope to claim the latter part of this week to do it instead. Some of those demands on my time are no longer present and there is some margin on my schedule. Let's see if it stays that way LOL.

Welcome 2021. I know you'll have plenty of surprises for us all, but could you take it a little easier on us than 2020.

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