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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Outside my window it’s gray and dreary. It’s been raining most of the morning. No walk today. I cleaned up the deck just a little earlier in the week so my grand-littles could play with the Moon sand at the picnic table. Grand-parenting magic that moon sand is. :-) Let’s see what the actual temperature is...Weather Underground says it’s 40 degrees (and that it feels like 40 degrees LOL) Highs/Low today? 44/42 Not bad for February 6, right?

Listening to Smurfs on Netflix and Jeremiah fussing at his mama. The heat just kicked on to warm up his little hands and feet.

Clothing myself in my pajamas and a black and white flannel shirt for now. Getting ready to get dressed and get ready to head out for the day's errands and necessary shopping. If you know me at all, you know that I really hate shopping. Like really hate it. I’d pay someone to do it for me if I could… just sayin’

Keeping house isn’t for cowards. I’m realizing that the de-cluttering that I’ve done over the years has made a difference. It doesn’t seem to matter much when your grown son moves in for a month while he waits to close on his first home though, or when there are littles that visit often and we keep a reasonable amount of supplies and activities for them. I’m not sure it will ever change. I guess it does change, it just doesn’t usually look like you think it will...

Keeping it simple The brain fog is not helping though. Too many things ruminating in my mind. So many things I hope to do, want to do, plan to do. But all of that gets tangled up with all the things I hope, want and plan to “be”. Do vs. Be. But there are things I want to “do” and “be” that co-exist. The whole concept of Loving Well, Living Well - that’s what it’s all about. The projects I want to do are all about enabling and supporting the ways I want to do this - this loving and living well. God willing.

To be fit and healthy I’m still working on this. I refuse to give up. When the refrigerator is stuffed full and it’s a challenge to locate and reach the contents, it seems easier to grab the convenient stuff. And that usually means sugar. Even things that are not sweet often contain sugar. A detox is on my list of things I really feel like it need to do. I did walk one day earlier this week. I hope and plan to resume that more fully, weather permitting. I chatted with my personal trainer (aka my daughter LOL) this week about setting an appointment to show me an at home lifting routine. I need strength and flexibility as much as I need to drop the excess weight.

Embracing the season I'm adding this category because it is a big part of my focus these days. I am embracing this season in a few ways; accepting that I am physically not able to do all that I was able to just five years ago. That, folks, is a seriously challenging pill to swallow. I'm letting my hair grow out and walking away from color. My natural hair is a pretty, sparkly silver. My stylist is working with me to grow it out gradually in a way that won't be a shock to myself or others. I'm using my Instagram to showcase the steady changes. I've also made the decision to finally get braces. Yep, I'm 54 and I'm getting braces. I never had the opportunity when I was younger - my parents didn't have the insurance or the money for such luxuries - and earlier in our marriage we spent what we did have to make sure our kids had braces and orthodontic care when they needed and wanted it. Now, it's my turn. I have to admit I have a hard time not thinking of this as being a bit selfish and vain. I look at it as part of taking care of myself. And the continuing saga of obtaining that healthy weight... :-(

Pondering The confusion in my brain fog…

Watching my daughter feed her son. :-)

Reading fragmented bits and pieces of stuff. I just committed to reading The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). I intend, with God’s help, to read more fiction work as one of several ways to refill my artist’s creative tank. I have several other books waiting on the side for their turn. I have tried one of them several times and it has not yet caught enough of my interest to stick it out. It’s written by a local author though and I would really like to read it partly so I have some compass for my own writing skills. More reading, less watching and less social media would be good. That’s my actual goal. It’s on my dream list :-)

Loving the moments when I remember I’m STILL not in control LOL. Unanswered prayers are sometimes the very best. I feel like God pulled back the veil this week when I realized that there was a reason I chose not to go with John to Hawaii. I was able to be here for Sarah when she experienced the scariest time of her life (in her own words). I’m glad I was here,

and I’m glad I’m still here. In the midst of this realization, I also could see clearly that the house was not meant for us. Today, I’m not only okay with that, I’m actually a little grateful or it. *I guess I should write a little explanation of the scariest time of her life...

Words worth sharing Pray like everything depends on God, work like everything depends on you. Nuff said.

Giving thanks For those above mentioned unanswered prayers, 911, mobile phones, medication, ambulances, prayer warriors, family, friends, and coffee. Always coffee.

Planning for the week ahead Working on re-establishing a steady rhythm and incorporate some ideas I shared with Christina, who agreed wholeheartedly with me :-) Better meal planning, less procrastination, less distraction and excuse making, more reading and writing. More getting out of my comfort zone to share some of what I do write. Artist date and keep on keeping on!

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