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Wondering if I'm Winning the War on Clutter?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Please don't ask :-) I don't remember where I was when I blogged last but there's still enough clutter around for me to assume I haven' gotten far. But I have excuses, lots of them! First Christina was sick, then I was sick, then Rachel was sick, sort-of, then John was sick, then I was still sick :-) Then there was a wonderful homeschool conference, then I was sick again... Then there was schoolwork and basement and housework and laundry and visitors, oh, and did I mention that there was an earthquake?? I don't suppose that qualifies as a very good excuse, though. Then there was this crazy event called a teenage video scavenger hunt and farm work and lawn to be mowed that was as deep as Rachel's knees due to the endless rain we have received over the last weeks. The garden beds needed weeding, some still do. Garden! Oh no! I have to get the garden planted soon. I wonder if the cutter will be patient and wait on me or if it will give up and leave on its own... probably not.

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