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Outside my window 35* and overcast - still not what you would imagine the first day of Winter to look like LOL But then again, December always seems to surprise me.

Listening to whatever sweet husband is watching while I play on the computer today. I think it might be Bootleggers - what???

Clothing myself in the most comfy pair of black sweat pants I own, burgandy tank with an equally comfy black cardigan that I recently bought for myself at Target. I stayed in my pajamas until 12:20 before I shifted so I could claim I actually did get dressed today.

Keeping house seems those previously mentioned changed continue to make a difference! We celebrated our youngest daughter's 18th birthday last night and the kitchen required some work when I got up this morning, but it was done in less than an hour. I was able to enjoy my coffee in the quiet and tidy space of my kitchen. What a nice way to start the Christmas break!! The guest room is ready and waiting for our daughter, son-in-love, and youngest grandson.

Keeping it simple I have successfully defeated the urge to do just a little more shopping because my old nature insists there might not be enough ribbons and bows under the tree come Christmas morning. It's Saturday, and I feel utterly sorry for anyone who has waited to do last minute shopping. I seriously don't think I could be lured into the fray for a million bucks. Well, maybe a million, but not one penny less.

To be fit and healthy nope, nothing. I have nothing to contribute here...

Pondering many things, and nothing all at the same time. My brain is on break, but there are some thoughts that are waiting for my attention.

Watching still not a lot. We watched Venom last night for the third time because our son was here and hadn't seen it yet. It was worth watching a third time, in my humble opinion.

Reading blogs, because it's where my attention seems most drawn to these days.

Loving the moments when we have nothing on our schedule, lots of white space on the calendar, margin, breathing space, carefree timelessness as my friend says (quoting Matthew Kelly)

Words worth sharing "What's in your heart is what spills out when you get bumped"

Giving thanks for our family, this life, lessons learned that help us stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

Planning for the week ahead well, there's four days until Christmas. I have daily menu plans but only in my head, probably need to get them written down. There are a few details left to finish up as far as wrapping, stockings, games, food, but generally we are all set. This time next week I hope to be doing a little reflection and personal inventory work. The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is probably one of my favorites. More on that later.

Happy Friday!!

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