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Giving thanks for - FaceTime. Without it, I would not have been able to see my grand littles as much as I have. Also the provisions that allowed us to hire other people to do our stairs and patio. I have great hopes for the new space being created by this work.

Outside my window - thunderstorms in the very early morning before dawn. I think the rain will probably continue throughout a good part of the day. I have the door cracked even though I have the AC on. I want to hear the birds. A single cardinal (I double it was the same one) has come each morning to the deck and appeared to be asking me where their food is. Without the frames of the canopy to hang them on, I have not found another way to hang them yet. I hope there will be plenty of places once our backyard is more complete.

The deck stairs are complete and the patio is ready for the pavers to be laid. Stairs were completed on Monday, excavating completed Tuesday, rain halted work on Wednesday and left a sizable pool of water in the southeast corner of the area, the rest of the prep was completed on Thursday and if they are able they will return today to lay the pavers. I assume that they will have to return at least one day next week to clean up and lay sod. But assumptions...

Clothing myself in - denim capris and black v-neck tank top. Silvers are pulled back into the daily ponytail. Shoes are on in support of my back and knee :-( Keeping house - housework is being done only in pockets of time. Until more of our time is our own again, it will continue that way. Rachel has really stepped up and helps so much.

Keeping it simple - if this wasn’t a thing before the pandemic it certainly is in the midst of it. We have either returned to the basics for many things or are at least contemplating the possible need to do so. No one really knows what life will look like on the other side of all of this.

To be fit and healthy - I purchased a ten day cleanse for the three of us, then promptly injured both my knee and my back. I have been nursing them both with meds, ice, rest, TENS unit and a brace for the knee. Until I know I am ready to stop all the meds, I need to wait to start the cleanse.

I haven’t given up hope that I will get to the park for daily walks at some point. I even have a small hope that we will find a state park with a good hiking trail that I can manage. This I know. I don’t have any known comorbidity that would cause me to be considered high risk if I would be exposed to Covid-19. But obesity by itself is the root of so many comorbidities. This only increases my motivation to lose weight even more. Pondering - being “out of season”.  We hope to return to our season at the end of the month. The topic of being ‘grand-sitters’ is one that is worthy of a category of its own on this blog, and I have intentions of doing just that. But the very fact that I am in the ‘out of season’ predicament prevents me from having time to write about it...

Listening to - Jumanji - two of the littles are up and waiting for me to finish so I can feed them. Quiet is coming to an abrupt end for the day...

Reading - nothing

Watching - GOT

Loving the moments - when my kindred spirit returns to her own love of blogging and shares it with me. It’s where my heart has been and remains. I have hopes for this space.

Planning for the week ahead - who can plan in these circumstances? Who needs plans?

Words worth sharing - the littles are stealing my capacity to think, so I really don’t have any to offer right now LOL.

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