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Giving thanks for - brand new days. Possibilities. Second chances. Change. New perspectives.

Outside my window - 59 degrees this morning. The sliding glass door is open so I can enjoy the cool air and the sounds of morning. I look forward to even cooler mornings. I don’t look forward to the dreary gray days of winter, but I do love everything about Autumn. God, help me embrace and appreciate every single moment.

Clothing myself in - stretch denim capris. I’m one of those people. I find something I like that feels comfortable and looks decent and I buy multiples. I might buy a variety of colors if it’s a shirt, but generally speaking I pretty much wear a uniform of comfortable stretch jeans and t-shirts or tanks. In the winter I simply add a light weight cardigan or a flannel shirt. Some days I wish I had a reason to dress that up a little. I actually have a Pinterest board for outfits. Maybe one day... Keeping house - our situation has shifted a bit and I have had more time the past few days to dig in and get the clutter mostly under control. There are still areas to recover from moving my mama in with us, but it shouldn’t take much longer. A few spaces to repurpose for a season of dear husband working from home and then it’s on to the updating! The yard is calling for help too. With the cooler weather it will be much easier to work outside. I intend to enjoy every moment :-)

Keeping it simple - that’s one of my many mottos. It’s even written on the wall above my calendar. It’s the theme behind this blog. I tend to complicate things too much. Simplicity is a sweet gift but it takes intentionally to achieve it. That seems contradictory, doesn’t it? That’s where my tools for living well come in handy. 

To be fit and healthy - fresh air, work in the yard, stair marathons, making better choices about food… keep it simple. Pondering - how easily I allowed circumstances to blind me from all the good and wonderful things right before me. Obsessing about difficulties keeps me from remembering just how good and beautiful life is. 

Listening to - continuing to listen to playlists that are new to me, but also still enjoying the God is Good playlist my daughter keeps adding to for me. I created a schedule this morning for podcasts. I have a short but growing list of favorites that I really enjoy and look forward to each week.

Reading - The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith. She is the sister of my favorite podcaster, Emily P Freeman. This book has been on my shelf for quite some time. I browsed it, as I typically do when I get a new book, and promptly put it on top of the pile of books I eventually hope to read. Then I forgot about it. Until something reminded me that it’s waiting for me to pick it up again. Last week, I listened to an interview with her that inspired me to order two more of her books, and to confirm that I already did own her first. So I pulled it off the pile and started looking closer. Why oh why did I wait so long to really read this book!? I know in my soul that it’s because I wasn’t ready for it before. God’s timing is best and even in these small things, God works in us and for us. There will be more thoughts about what I am finding between the covers of this book. I can’t imagine not sharing the lessons, the words of encouragement. 

Watching - Blacklist done! And do you know what happened last night because it’s done? I read!!! I sat nearby at the kitchen table and read the above mentioned book while others watched another series that I have no interest in at all. I hope they keep choosing stuff I’m not interested in LOL. Oh, but the holiday marathons will be beckoning soon. I’ll have to figure out how to read outside of that timeframe I suppose.

Loving the moments - when I realize how tense my muscles have been because of stress and that it’s okay now to breathe deeply. I can have hope in possibilities again. That thing I was allowing to completely block my view has been removed. A good resolution has been found. I’m fine. It’s fine. We’re all fine.

Planning for the week ahead - a few appointments and plans to enjoy time with people I love and adore. I feel like I can plan now, as long as I continue to hold loosely, I can plan. My current thoughts about plans for the week include those appointments, time with lots of people I love and miss, reading, writing, listening, cooking, yard work, resting, creating, eating. I suppose a menu might be a good thing.

Words worth sharing - This too shall pass. The season we are in; neither the struggles nor the joys of this particular season will last forever. There will be other struggles and other joys for each new season that we enter. Life is a classroom we must pass through before we enter our permanent home. This is not where we belong, it’s just a temporary home. (To steal the lyrics - and truth - of a good song).

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