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Giving thanks for - rabbit trails of learning and confirmations that I’m moving in the right direction.

Outside my window - it’s dark. These daybook posts are intended to be written and posted early every Monday morning. That did not happen this week and many of the weeks prior. But I committed in my mastermind group to posting something and sharing it this week - somewhere, anywhere. So here I am on Thursday evening composing this simple entry for my obscure blog. Why do I hesitate to do this?

Clothing myself in - stretch denim capris, black Hope*Writer t-shirt (that is no longer available :-( and sandals. Keeping house - yep, still keeping it. Still thinking about hiring help for some of the regular cleaning. I wonder how many entries will mention this before I actually follow through...

Keeping it simple - I think the area where I simplified the most this week was in the changes I made to my blog. I just changed the about a little, but I think it better reflects me and the purpose of the blog. 

To be fit and healthy - the scale is showing some changes for the better. Slowly, oh so slowly. I have greatly reduced my sugar intake, and I can feel the difference. Pondering - how to get back to some of the things we enjoyed so much in the years prior to this one. It’s not just about Covid, but it hasn’t helped. Trying to analyze why it is that I withdrew into my turtle shell and am reluctant to come back out when all the things most important to me in this life involve people and community. I don’t understand what happened, I truly do not.

Listening to - the collection of podcasts continues to grow. Lazy Genius; The Next Right Thing; The Way I Heard It; The Good List; The Real Sisterhood; Made for This; Things Above; The Turquoise Table; and the newest, Make It Count. I make sure I listen to a couple of them the day they drop, others I catch when I can.

Enjoying the evening sounds of frogs, crickets, cicadas and cousins playing together on the deck some evenings. 

Adding to the playlist - not this week. But I did make this crazy discovery - I’m sure I’m late to the party, as usual, but some of the music on iTunes includes the lyrics karaoke style! How did I not know this until now?! 

Reading - continued Deception Point. Picked up a couple really great non-fiction titles; The Church of Small Things, Everyday Holy, True Friend, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands and The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage, and Atomic Habits. Boy, I better pick up the pace of my reading :-)

Watching - less and less TV!!! No news, zip, zero zilch. I hope to keep it that way. I do hope to watch more of the Tuesday Teachings in the Hope Writers library. I browsed a bit this past week and came across an interview with Melanie Shankle (Big Mama blog). There was a part when she talked about how everyone was writing about these world changing things and she was over here writing about her bangs. LOL It brought both comfort and confidence to this blogger who is simply trying to write about her life in progress and keep a good sense of humor in the process.

Loving the moments - when my emotions are not running the show. It’s been exhausting trying to manage my emotional sobriety. I’m thankful for the tools I learned in 12-step programs.

Planning for the week ahead - lots of white space on the calendar next week, thankfully. I hope to put together a menu tomorrow. The garage really needs cleaned out so I can park in there. The weather is starting to get colder and those early morning trips to take my grand-littles to daycare would have a better start without the frost on the windshield. 

Words worth sharing - enough. 

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