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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Giving thanks for - the safe and healthy birth of my newest granddaughter, Adeline Mae. I am thankful for a much different and more positive birth experience for my daughter.

I'm also thankful to a certain person for stepping up to watch my grandchildren during the two weeks their daycare is closed. Thanks to him, I have an entire week ahead, God willing, with no obligations to get some much needed work done around this place! :-)

Outside my window - Sunny but chilly. It was 35 degrees at 5:00 am, the forecast calls for a high of 66 degrees. The rest of the week look fair. Good days for walking and getting outdoors to do some Spring time clean up.

Our neighbor had three of the trees in his backyard cut down last week. There is a stack of wood waiting for folks to help themselves before he has it hauled away. We transported as much as we could via wheelbarrow before the storm arrived on Saturday. It includes some very nice redwood pieces. I kinda hope to retrieve a bit more before it disappears :-)

Clothing myself in - sweats, t-shirt and favorite black lightweight cardigan. I have my tennis shoes on in hopes of convincing myself that a walk is priority today. There is a lot of work I’d like to get done today, but very little energy to match it.

Home front - there is so much to do. The clutter is starting to pile up again and there is basic cleaning that needs to be done. The spring clean up in and outdoors is a bit overwhelming to me right now. Hoping my attitude changes soon. I want to take advantage of a week without any obligations (other than meals for the baby-mooning family). I need a list, but sometimes the list gets done and then the work doesn’t. Maybe I should just forego the list and get to work.

On the menu - I haven’t updated it from last week, but several that didn’t end up happening toward the end of last week will probably remain. I have requests from the new mom and dad so that will guide my choices for the next few days.

I’m starting a cleanse today, and that means I have some self-imposed restrictions. No coffee for starters. It might get ugly. But the weight has go to go. So I’m hoping to jumpstart the process with this cleanse.

Writing - I have decided to be brave and contribute to a resource that a fellow writer is putting together for parents of adult children. I think that’s a good start to stepping out of my comfort zone a bit.

Learning - I am considering migrating this blog back to its previous platform. I will have to learn the updated methods or managing that platform if I do.

Watching - A Discovery of Witches There are only two seasons and we are flying through them. Another unexpected series I am really enjoying. I wonder if I’ll ever read again. Wait, there is a two week vacation at the beach coming up - reading will, indeed, resume!

Making - If I can make progress in the cleaning and straightening that really must be done early enough in the week, I hope to get some of that beautiful fabric out and make something with it! I apparently work better under pressure - or I don’t work at all. I’m not sure. I’ll either pull together some things for the market on May 1st or I won’t. We’ll just have to see.

Loving the moments - welcoming a new baby into the family. I was privileged to be present when my newest granddaughter made her entrance into the world on Thursday evening. Need I say anymore?

Planning for the week ahead - reference much needed work above. :-)

Naming what matters - People. People matter.

Words worth sharing - People before things. Always.

Something to remember - A friend and fellow writer suggested that I make a timeline of our family’s history and note all the experiences and memories that I can - then write about them. I can always edit and add as time passes and try my best to capture those moments. I want to do this. I want to remember that I want to do this LOL

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