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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Giving thanks - for the nuggets of gold that we find when we are looking for them.

  • We are helping GiGi recover rather than saying goodbye

  • Signs of rare selfless acts

  • How things work out even when we feel like they won’t

  • Safe travel to and from our Universal adventure

  • Family life - even with all the mucky, messy, heartbreaking stuff that comes with it.

Outside my window - it’s still dark, and I venture to say cold. Yep, 21 degrees according to the thermometer. Winter drab has arrived. Our neighborhood is rocking the Christmas spirit with lights and decor this year. I’m thankful for it since I have ZERO myself. Well, there is the unlit garland on the porch banister and the ribbon garland on the Welcome sign…

Clothing myself in - gray capris because my pajama pants are in the mountain of laundry yet to be done, black pajama top recovered from my daughter’ laundry yesterday, and her black cardigan because my body cannot (or will not) decide if it’s hot or cold.

On the home front - this might be too vague a category to write about today. There is a lot going on and not much all at the same time. It’s Rachel’s birthday today. It’s Monday. And it’s a mere five days before Christmas. There is a counter full of items to be returned to the basement storage area; a basement that is in the midst of transforming from Hogwarts birthday party and all things Harry Potter to a very minimal Christmas space with a tree still not decorated. Not a single light. Not one. There are gifts still to be wrapped and stockings to be hung.

I cannot access my desk or computer - which explains why I am writing this on my ipad while sitting at the dining table.

There are things to be done this week that have nothing to do with Christmas that are not optional. Doctor’s appointments, new IDs to be obtained, college documents to collect, physical therapy for mom, etc.

All the while there is silent heartbreak in the air, fear of not receiving a miracle for which we are praying. Still, we trust that God is in control.

On the menu - Mom had a stroke 12 days ago. That’s a story of its own for another time, but her recovery calls for a change in her diet. It’s not really required, but recommended. Every person living under this roof would benefit from some changes in our diet. I want to find a balanced way to accomplish that without being radical and abandoning it before we ever see the benefits. This is a challenge, and honestly I resist because it’s just one more thing that lands squarely in my lap. Learning new habits for the entire household is not something I welcome. Learning new habits for myself is hard enough. Less salt. Less fat. Less meat. Less carbs. For a person who has enjoyed cooking her entire adult life, this seems like an abrupt death to part of me. I know, I know - we should eat to live and not live to eat. When I think of heavenly banquets, I don’t imagine tasteless, fat free, carb free food awaiting us. :-)

Writing - a season postponed. Or cancelled. I’m not sure which. Only time will tell.

Reading - The Becoming - the second book of a Nora Roberts trilogy directed mostly at young adults I’m pretty sure. But I like the first one and I’m enjoying this one too. It’s entirely too similar to the novel my daughter was writing well before the first book was released. It’s all the fun reading I love from Roberts minus the gratuitous sex. Thank you.

Watching - It’s that time of year. Hallmark and Marvel.

Listening - When I get the time and space to listen I am enjoying Out of the Ordinary with Lisa Jo Baker and Christie Purafoy. When I say I’m enjoying it, that might be an understatement. :-)

Making - That’s on hold for a short time. All the quilts are done for my part. Well, there might be a couple that I will need to bind since Mom’s vision is not good enough for her to sew right now. Hoping that the days see the return of her full vision, but it’s apparently not likely. This will have a deep impact on her.

The week ahead - one day at a time. That’s all I got.

Naming what matters - showing deep love for one another. Godly love, the kind that shows up even when you don’t think you deserve it. When you know you don’t deserve it. That kind of love.

Something to remember - we don’t know what we don’t know. I learned a valuable lesson this past week. I learned the signs of a stroke - the signs I didn’t know were signs. I also learned that if you or someone you are with show signs of a stroke, you should call 911 rather than going to the ER. The EMTs will call ahead and a stroke team will be assembled and waiting to receive the patient immediately rather than wasting valuable time waiting to be seen through the emergency room system. This matters. Time matters. We were lucky, it was a minor stroke. Not everyone is so lucky.

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Leanne Le Cras
Leanne Le Cras
Dec 21, 2021

Hi Susan - so sorry to hear about your Mum's stroke, but a relief that it was a minor one (and I'll be keeping your advice about calling an ambulance in mind for future reference). I read The Becoming too - I love Nora Roberts' books and this trilogy is another goodie - now I just need to remember the plot until the next one comes out! Merry Christmas x

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