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Giving thanks - that we have gone back to attending church in person * AC * The plan for solar, especially after seeing the increase cost for utilities that we were all warned about actually happening * Our garden * Mom being here * Friends who cared for grandboys while we were away for a long day * Upcoming trips * Camp hopes * Time with my husband * A new day.

Outside my window - daylight is peaking its head in the east. Quiet. Humid. I hope the walk this morning won’t be miserable. The lawn needs mowed - oh boy, does the lawn need mowed. :-(

Clothing myself in - Pajamas

In the kitchen - there are clean counters and clear spaces. The refrigerator is stocked well but not stuffed so that we can’t find what we’re looking for and thus waste occurs. Other folks have picked up days for the MealTrain. I have been saving a lot of recipes to try from various sites, mostly from CleanFoodCrush. I am looking forward to trying some of them this week. God willing.

Writing - I am determined to show up and do it. Period.

Reading - Still hopeful about that reading corner. I think noise canceling headphones might be helpful. I want to finish the book that was already in progress and then move on to so many others on the list.

Watching - more movies right now, which I like because it doesn’t lock us into the commitment. I think I might have said the same thing last time. LOL Purple Heart; The Gray Man; The Tourist - that’s some that I can remember for now.

Listening - podcasts! I have only resumed Out of the Ordinary for now, but I think as I (hopefully) resume work on the homefront and then begin sewing and quilting again I will be able to listen to additional podcasts and even some books on Audible. That’s my hope.

New song - Nope, none that I can think of…

Making - Spending time with Jeremiah this past couple of weeks, I realized the aprons are a very good idea. Every one of the grandchildren will love having their own apron when helping us in the kitchen. Really, all the things. I have not lost hope in getting to making all the things, but it just takes time. And we’re not promised time, so I only hope for the possibilities.

Camp - I think word got out that we were considering selling… but we have decided not to. I don’t know how we're going to pay for the dues, but it has to happen. I’d still like to find a way to pay for it myself - maybe this week I’ll brainstorm some ideas.

The week ahead - today is full, but tomorrow starts work at Sarah’s house. I pray that we make really good and positive progress before the end of the week. School starts next week and we both really want it to start with the kids having a nice, clean, organized, comfortable space to work, play, and live in.

Love God; love people.

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