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Giving thanks - that each day offers a new beginning, and that I woke up today in a house that we call home; a place where we live this beautiful life surrounded by people we love deeply.

Outside my window - the ground is still wet from the unexpected rain overnight. It will help the seed recently laid take hold. The days are cooler and the trees are starting their winter preparation. Color still to come…

Clothing myself in - still pjs :-) But I have to make a trip to Walmart and Lowes so that won’t last much longer.

In the kitchen - considering how to streamline some of the work I hope to do in the coming weeks and months. No major renovations though, just simple organizational changes that will help.

Writing - not as much as I’d like, but the ebb and flow seems to take me where it will.

Reading - I was able to finish the aforementioned book, and an additional 2 while on vacation. Then I started a book on Audible that I need to resume (but my sweet daughter took me to Barnes and Noble and bought the hardcopy for me to hold in my hands to finish) :-)

Watching - Rings and Power and House of the Dragon. Hocus Pocus (the sequel released last week) was worth the watch. I like the way it was done.

Listening - to silence right now, and a few of the creaks the house makes in the morning peace.

New song(s)- nothing to report at the moment. I’m sure there were a few new songs that Rachel shared with me, but none come to mind immediately.

Making - aprons and quilts are in the que. I’m moving the sewing machine to the main floor so I am near the people in my life who hate being in solitude. They miss me while I am in my basement refuge so I want to find ways to spend a little more time near them. This may be a solution, it may not - time will tell. I’ve already forewarned them that I don’t multitask well. If I am constantly interrupted I will not get things done. Priorities.

Camp - pondering what direction this will go…

The week ahead - we have a date this Friday!!! I’m so excited about the Mystery Dinner at the City Museum. We are looking for new things to do together and this sounds like so much fun. I’ll report next week!


Love God and love people.

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