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Tuck me in Mommy

Giving thanks - Does it ever seem too repetitive to you when you're thanking God, yet again, for the things he has done daily? I sometimes struggle with the idea that God might get tired of hearing the same old thing. Then I recall how it feels when people in my life are aware enough to thank me for a thing I do day in and day out, over and over again. It makes me know they are aware of my efforts. It's not repetitive, but rather acknowledgement. It's a sign that it is not being taken for granted, even it it's something I do often. So, again today, I thank God for his presence and pursuit. I am thankful for the daily struggles and the joys that he uses to shape me. Just as the Stonecutter's Credo reminds us that it is often the unseen consistent work that leads us to a much desired end result, I am reminded that all these things are useful, even necessary, to bring about a transformed life.

So, I am thankful that each day I wake up next to my husband, in the home that we share and where we (mostly) raised our children. I am thankful for the very ordinary provision of comfort - heat, AC, clean running water, and abundance of food, space where we work, relax, and welcome family and friends to our table. I am thankful for a place for Mom; that she made the difficult decision to leave the home (and community) she had known for sixty years to come and stay with us, allowing us the privilege to care for her and walk alongside her through her final journeys. I am thankful for the neighbors, the community and the nation that we live in, even in the midst of the struggle for a unity and decency toward each other.

I am thankful for our local church and the new found opportunities for involvement that are catching my attention.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention how thankful I am for Bob Evans on Sunday mornings too. :-) Sometimes, it's the small things, you know?

Outside my window - It's cold. The weather has been much more like March this week. I'm glad for it because sometimes we go right from running the heat to running the AC. I prefer open doors and open windows. Spring weather will be very welcome. I hope to have a new screen door for the front porch - an old-fashioned wood screen door - like the ones we had growing up. The kind that make that somewhat annoying sound when it slams shut.

The bird feeders need filled. The raccoon that had taken up temporary residence under the deck furniture covers has gone. I hope he does not return with his family. I hope he doesn't return at all.

Our solar is finally installed and connected to the grid. Let the sun shine and fill-er-up!

Lots of plans for outdoor work to be done as soon as it warms up and dries up a little bit more. I think there is a trailer in our future.

Clothing myself in - flannel pj pants and short sleeve black t-shirt, crocs, and a ponytail. Why are you surprised? LOL

In the kitchen - I have put sourdough and kefir grains on hold for now. Both required entirely too much attention at this stage of my life. I have other priorities right now. The truth is that the sourdough just became really frustrating. I don't recall having such frustrations in the past. I suppose I can revisit the whole thing at a later date.

The most fun thing I did in the kitchen recently was the meal-kits that I did for a couple of our kids. Both were struggling with meal preparation for various reasons, and I wanted to show them what a difference it could make to approach it in a different way. It was a very successful experiment. I've been asked to do it for additional people. I offered to help them help themselves...

Also, the cookbook on the blog is coming along nicely! I'm so excited to see it taking form and actually being used! It's a process for sure because the platform lacks some functionality that I want and need, but the idea of rebuilding on a different platform right now is too much to swallow. Somewhere down the road, maybe, but not now.

Writing - I've actually been working to get the framework for the blog done most of the time. I continue to meet most of my goals though. I think I will lean into my fiction WIP though. According to Liz Gilbert in Big Magic, if I make it wait too long, the idea might find a new writer to collaborate with, and that thought makes me very sad.

Reading - Big Magic ^^^ We leave today for a brief trip to camp so I hope to get something downloaded to listen to on the road. John says, just talk to me, and I think - baby, I talk a lot and you're very good at listening, but that's a twelve hour drive. I think you need (and want) me to download a book.

Watching - A nice variety of movies, old and new. Far Away on Netflix is a new favorite. It was this movie that made me realize I really like some very quirky movies.

Listening - Rachel continues to find new artists and new music and we share a love for most of it. New songs at church are prompting some of those searches. I really enjoy mostly contemporary Christian music, but I still enjoy the occasional country lineup.

I have not been in the car or alone long enough lately to listen to any podcasts - I'll have some to catch up on.

Making - Quilting is on hold for a minute while I try to make good progress on the blog. I am teaching myself how to use the long arm quilting machine. I'm determined that by the end of the month of March, I will have mastered a good portion of the process. Finding a way to divide my time between hobbies is going to be a big challenge. Writing, quilting, gardening? There's just not enough time in a day.

Camp - Our trip to camp this weekend is to receive our RV! We finally connected with someone who actually committed to moving it for us. Family will also be at camp while we're there for the short trip so we are especially looking forward to our time there. I'll take some photos while we're there and post them next week. We are look forward to enjoying time there on several occasions this year. Hoping the years to come will find us enjoying longer periods there. Also, I want to plan a writers' retreat with my mastermind!!

The week ahead - Camp. Trailer purchase. Quilting. Writing/blogging. More meal kit prep maybe. That might be next week. LOL

Pray for safe travel for us, won't you please?

As always, love God and love people!

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