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Updated: May 13, 2020

Outside my window ~ it’s a bit overcast. There is still some condensation from the night on the windows. I can see the fingerprints left behind. :-)

Listening to ~ Joy FM online. I found myself not listening to it or anything much for a long time. I like the peace of quietness. Sometimes I forget I can listen to music. And then the kids… introduce me to a new song or artist and I remember how much I love good music.

Clothing myself in ~ stretchy ‘jeggins’. What kind of name is that? But it’s fitting - stretchy denim and cheap from our local Wal-mart. They have become my go-to pants along with the capris of the same collection since the weather warmed up. The comfort of sweatpants or yoga pants with the look for jeans. Good with me. Keeping house ~ this is a bit of a trick category. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of what I would typically consider ‘keeping house’. I have been doing a whole lot of de-cluttering!! And the goal in doing this is to make the house keeping easier and simpler for me. De-cluttering is not a new thing - just look back at the old blog - but there is definitely more progress being made. Well, that’s not entirely true. There have been big chunks of progress in the years I have been on this campaign. As the seasons change and our needs for certain things come and go, the things we can pass along change too. I guess that’s what has really happened. As we get older, we are narrowing our focus and discovering our enduring interests so that what we hold on to will really serve us rather than take up real estate in our house and home, causing me distress. But this time it seems like there is a deeper scrutinizing of what we really want and need. The more tedious sorting is happening and stuff is going.

I also made one of the best decisions ever regarding the stuff I have zero control over - my sweet husbands boxes and totes of miscellaneous papers, books, cords, cables, stuff. Just stuff. There is some weird emotional attachments to it and no mental energy available to him to sort through it at this point in his life. He just can’t. I don’t want to nag him about it, but I also don’t want it taking up physical and mental space in this house that I am trying diligently to transform into our home for the next season. I rented a storage unit. Sweet relief!!! Yes, I hate paying a monthly fee to store stuff that will eventually mostly be gone. But if it brings him comfort knowing that it is still there for him to go through when he’s ready, it brings me comfort knowing there is a compromise that we can both be happy with.

Speaking of the storage unit and all that stuff - that’s the most important part of my day today. :-)

Keeping it simple ~ I’m trying folks! I’m trying :-)

To be fit and healthy ~ There may have been a discussion yesterday about using the base gym to go and do some strength training together. Why we never thought about that before I’ll never know! It’s free and close. He says it’s probably a better gym than the Y. I’m sold. I am motivated to go and check it out. I really do want to start up again and get some strength and endurance back.

His sugar was high when he checked it during a visit with his family this past weekend. So he has decided he needs to make some changes. We both need to make changes. His will be harder. I don’t use tobacco and I don’t drink much soda anymore. These are the vices he will be tackling - together.

I have an appointment with the podiatrist today to see if the things going on with my feet - bunions and what I suspect to me Morton’s Neuroma - is having a domino affect on my hips. I suspect it is, and that needs to be fixed before I can hope to get back to my regular walks. And I need those walks folks!! Pondering ~ Everything and nothing all at the same time.

Watching ~ Nothing much. We got rid of cable and the choices available without it are pretty slim. It seems like everything we try is very dark and depressing. I want to spend my time reading so this works for me really. We finished Game of Thrones and although I think I would like to rewatch it and see how much I catch the second time around that I missed the first time, I really don’t want to invest my time in it. Reading and writing is so much more appealing to me. If I can stay awake to read LOL

Reading ~ Started Deception Point per Christina’s suggestion. I am discovering I have a distinct preference for stories. I think that’s a good thing as I venture into the novel writing landscape. The writing conference I registered for is just a few weeks away and I am looking forward to it, but confused by why this one chose me.

Loving the moments ~ I love every moment. I am thankful for every moment - even those that seem less than blissful.

Words worth sharing ~ “Just because it isn’t wrong, doesn’t make it right”

Giving thanks for ~ God’s unconditional love for me. Knowing I will never be abandoned even when I mess up in the small stuff - over and over and over again.

Planning for the week ahead ~ planning isn’t all it’s made out to be. That’s what I’m learning. I guess. I have ideas more than plans. I’m trying to allow plenty of space for all the times when God’s plans don’t turn out to be the same as my plans. LOL

I think I might need to add a couple of new categories for these daybook posts. Transitions. I am going natural with my hair color - gray :-) It's actually a bit salt and pepper still. I am enjoying the transition and I actually really like my gray. I'm following a gaggle of people on Instagram who are also embracing their gray - who knew that this would be the "in thing" when it came time for me to ditch the color?

Also, the transition of a near empty nest. Our youngest daughter keeps telling me to stop rushing her out the door! We're not rushing dear - quite the contrary - I will enjoy every last minute of having you in our nest before your time comes to fly! But there is still a transition happening whether we're ready for it or not. Since we want to live our best lives, we will cooperate with the changes rather than fight them. God is so good, He doesn't abandon us to figure this all out on our own.

That's all for now friends! Hoping to find my way back here more often as the campaign for reclaiming our space comes to a halt. Then it's maintenance...

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