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Updated: May 13, 2020

Outside my window - It’s still dark because today is the second day that I managed to resume my 4:30 am wake up time so that I have a little more time for the quiet start to the day, and more time for writing. It’s also cold because Fall is in full swing here in the Midwest. The colors are brilliant, reminding me why it’s my favorite time of the year.

Listening to - I’ve started listening to the radio more often again and Joy FM is my preferred station. I am one of many who contribute regularly to keep it a listener-supported station. This year marks the tenth and final payment for the tower that allowed them to increase their reach from 40,000 to hundreds-of-thousands; I can't remember the exact number at this moment.

Also, I have been trying to remember to listen to more podcasts. I glean more from them than anything else some days. I especially love Next Right Thing by Emily P Freeman. Even though I currently have no business to manage, I enjoy listening and learning from Jennifer Allwood.

Clothing myself in - black sweatpants, long sleeve shirt and my favorite lightweight long sleeve cardigan. My shoes are already on and laced up, in hopes that I will manage to get to the park for my walk again today. Keeping house - after our return from Rachel’s Senior Trip, the house felt like it was in shambles. It really wasn’t until we came in and dumped stuff everywhere LOL. But the cats had done what cats do when they get locked in rooms while people are away… I’m ready for the impending change. Two of our three cats will be leaving us soon - this week in fact. Josh is getting the space ready and is looking forward to having them. I’m looking forward to not having them. I don’t even apologize any longer for not being a cat person. At this point, I’m not a pet person - AT ALL.

I’m still surprised and pleased when I realize that the years and years of de-cluttering have made a difference in the amount of time and effort required to restore sanity to our space. There is still some to do and, God willing, it will get done soon. I know I’m not crazy when I believe there are people who do not deal with too much stuff. Most people do, yes, but there are many who do not. I think they learned the discipline of balance in personal belongings at some point and took it seriously. It is reflected in their homes and their demeanor. I want me some of that...

Keeping it simple - program tools intensify for the times when life gets shaky. We spent a lot of time traveling, a lot of time together in smallish spaces, a lot of time being disappointed and frustrated with new adventures not going as planned, and a lot of time with extended family members who typically consider drama a good time. Keeping it simple takes on a whole new meaning in these moments, right?

To be fit and healthy - dear husband’s family convinced him that drinking a glass of celery juice first thing in the morning was good for his liver. They are all actively making better choices for their health. I’m glad for the better decisions, we could all use some of that. I was and still am on board with a slice of lemon in water first thing in the morning, but I will pass on the celery juice. Insert icky face here LOL. 

I am wearing my FitBit again and trying to get more steps in, being more conscious of my activity level. I may or may not be considering logging in MyFitnessPal again…  I’ve recently witnessed examples of why I want to do things differently. I know what I want as well as what I don’t want. Pondering - what it is that I have to offer that will generate an income so that John can have some financial burden lifted from his shoulders. Voice over is still very much on my radar, but the braces really must come off before I can get a coach and have a demo made. In the meantime, there is much to learn. Figuring out where to have my studio inside our house is a decision that could be made also.

Oh, and see below Words Worth Sharing… I’ve been pondering this quite a bit.

Blogging will remain a free resource for me. Writing can take various forms and I have several ideas that have potential. Podcasting is a new thing I never expected to want to do, but I do. Storytelling. Pondering what it means to be a storyteller.

Watching - not much! First, there’s just nothing worthwhile on tv that is worth my time and attention. There are no good movies out right now, so I’m really trying to focus on resuming my nighttime reading habits.

Reading - I read constantly. I think we sometimes fall into the habit of not knowing how to answer when someone asks us if we read a lot. Well, yes I do, I actually read a LOT. But I don’t often take the time to read fiction just for fun and that tends to make me lean toward answering no when asked. But the truth is, I am an avid reader, just not always of fiction. I have been trying to do a bit more of that this past year though. My efforts will continue, with my resuming Blood Spell. I will finish this soon, God willing, and then on to the rest of the growing pile of good fiction!

Loving the moments - when I’m surprised by joy. It shouldn’t surprise me when joy shows up in the most unexpected places. I have enough experience with this fact that you would think I would stop searching for it and just let it arrive in its own way. Maybe one day I will get better at this. I suppose I am better at it now than I was then - whenever then is LOL. This is a key element to the truth the joy is in the journey.

Words worth sharing - “Get busy living, or get busy dying” This is a line from Shawshank Redemption and it’s been hovering in my mind since our trip. The reasons for this could be and probably will be the topic of a separate article. But for now I’m just going to leave it here.

Giving thanks for - program tools that keep me from what would have been my normal responses to the frustrations we encountered on our trip; travel opportunities and travel mercies; family and new friends; new perspectives; our church and our pastor; telephones; second chances; Google photos; beautiful parks with walking trails… this list is extensive and my level of awareness is high, so we’ll just go with these for now LOL

Planning for the week ahead - the next few weeks actually. Our youngest daughter’s “launch” party is this Friday. I’m so glad we decided to do it even though it’s a little unconventional. We have never been the family that does things like the crowd. I’m glad I decided to rent a venue and that the plans are fairly simple and preparations easy.

Then I’m hosting a Sip & Shop in our home the following week and I hope to get Bunco kits put together to see how much interest they generate…

I love that I am now part of a couple of Mastermind groups, and I hope that we will all become more actively engaged and encourage and teach each other. 

It’s not Monday (which is my usual day for Daybook posts), but better late than never!

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