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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I am tempted to type this directly into the Wix app because doing it in a word processor invites me to edit it until I feel like it’s perfect. This is what I am learning in a very real way…

It’s never going to be perfect. What is never going to be perfect one might ask. Well, nothing really, but in this instance I am referring to words I might string together to post here on my home in the blogosphere.

I posted an “I’m calling it quits” post in my Mastermind group earlier today. I was in the throws of a serious pity party. My husband (coerced) helped me “peel my onion”. And by that I mean, he helped me process my way out of my bad mood. He helped me recover my sense of hope and a proper perspective. This also put a spotlight on something I hadn’t really realized before. I have a more clear direction for my blog and I know part of what I have to do is just start somewhere by posting regularly without fretting about the quality of the work. Man, that sounds really bad, doesn’t it? LOL It’s not that I don’t care about the quality but I also understand that a lot of words have to be written in order to get to any purposeful words. 

In my about section I explain that the reason for this blog is to share stories of what it looks like in practical ways to _______________ - well, you can find the explanation on the sidebar. Because if I take the time to write it out here I will not get these words written and posted, and that defeats the exact purpose for which I am writing this now. 

So I’m going to give some new things a try. Starting with this. What did it look like today to love my neighbor as myself? My neighbor was my mom. And she needed some help resuming quilting projects that she has abandoned the past couple of years. For her this is a huge positive step in recovering her health that has been in decline. You can’t know this about me because I haven’t told you yet, but I would rather have all my teeth pulled than to attempt any quilting at all. I have never been interested in it, I don’t want to be interested in it. To use words I like to use, I don’t even want to want to. So to stop what I was doing and help my mom meant sacrificing time to do so that I had hoped to use on my own interests. Please don’t ask if I did it with a cheerful heart. I did the very best I could. Now, helping my mom? I will do that with a cheerful heart every day and twice on Sunday. It’s not about that, it’s about the thing she needed help with… I think you understand. 

There are other things I want to add here, but I will have to try again later in the cracks of time that I can grab.

For now, just know that if you happen to be someone who reads this blog at all I hope that you will start to see more activity on a regular basis. It won’t be perfect. It’ll just be my life in progress.

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