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Monday Rambling

Beautiful new planner!

Two things happen on my best days - I get out of bed at the butt-crack of dawn, and I spend an hour to an hour and a half reading the tall stacks of books that I have come to love. They are filled with good reminders how to go about my day and keep my sanity intact and be a decent human being for the most part.

I read lots of blogs these days - so glad to see they are making a come back. Who needs social media and all the drama and yucky feelings it brings on? Not me, and probably not you.

I’m pondering topics to write about on the blog this week. It takes me a while to get rolling. I hope to pretty-fy my new planner and use some of the “notes” pages in the back to list blog topics. I have several places where I try to do that, but there may be too many of them and I hate the idea that I could lose a good one. My walks provide good springboards usually and I’ve been recording them there too - I’ll have to consolidate the ideas into one place and train myself to use it well. I also want to create a links button to my favorite blogs and resources. Hoping to get that work under way this week.

I’m excited about this pretty planner, is that silly? I think not, some would think so , but I don’t care about those bullies LOL

Halloween is around the corner, that means a birthday for me :-) We'll be heading out today to finish up our costumes for the Harry Potter scavenger hunt the girls organized.

Just an early morning rambling... hope to be back later with some fresh inspiration.

Reminder for the day - Say what you mean, mean what you say, do what you say you're going to do.

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