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Second chance cooking lessons

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

There’s good news and there’s bad news. Which do you want first? Bad news, of course.

Unlike my sweet kindred spirit, Robin, I apparently failed miserably to teach my children to cook. Mind you, some of them can cook if and when they decide they WANT to (or can work around their chaotic life being a single mom and working nightshift) ... and the others can make a couple select things. When I say select I really mean the foods they really want and mama not around to fix if for them. Necessity-is-to-invention as hunger-is-to-cooking.

Listen, don’t judge me okay. Food is life and cooking is my love language and apparently I didn’t feel like sharing the love. That didn’t come out right, but you know what I’m saying, don’t you? Sometimes it was just easier to do it myself, and since I loved everything about it, I did.

It’s not like they didn’t ask. They have begged me to teach them, even my son-in-love asked me to teach him - not my daughter! I have started work on beautiful Susan Branch cookbooks binders for each of them combining all the recipes I’ve found over the years that became staples on our menu and part of our traditions. I have a cooking blog :-) But it’s not your typical cooking blog, because I am just a home cook, no training, no consistency, and no desire to teach the world to cook. I’d rather learn, obviously. 

The good news you ask? It turns out we get second chances sometimes. They still want to learn how to cook :-) And there is no better time than now to share this passion and love for serving others through simple meals and hospitality.

Oh and there’s more good news! My daughter’s first choice was potato soup. To be honest, I’m not sure I have ever used a recipe or measured anything I used. I needed to be able to point to a recipe for her so I searched for one I knew would be very similar to how I make it because that’s what she loves. It's true you can teach an old dog new tricks!! I found a fabulous recipe. She cooked it herself with very minimal guidance from me and it is delicious!! Now I have a reci to add to our family collection!!

I had forgotten our plan to make potato soup. In my efforts to get back on the cooking-at-home-instead-of-ordering-out bandwagon, I decided early this morning to make enchiladas. Our son got laid off from his job and he’ll be hanging around a little more often working as mama’s handyman :-) Food is good pay y’all. I know he loves enchiladas and will be so thankful to have them. It helps that his girlfriend and I share our love of all foods Mexican. 

I digress… so I conned my daughter into making those too. Also with very little help and just verbal direction from me. We actually wound up with three trays - one to cook for tonight, one to freeze, and one to send home with either our son or their sister. People are gonna be smiling. See, it’s not so hard and second chances do sometimes come around!

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