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The Sewing Room

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

If you had asked me just a few short years ago if I would need a category on my blog for sewing, I would have chuckled and said absolutely not. I don't have time or interest in that. The joke was on me.

My mom left her home of nearly 60 years a couple states away to come live with us. We had invited her to do so many times and, much to our surprise, suddenly accepted that invitation two years ago this month when we were driving back from a trip to Tennessee with our daughter and her family. That was the beginning of a whirlwind year.

When she moved here, she left behind decades worth of craft supplies, fabric, and her beloved long-arm quilting machine. She didn't think she'd be doing any quilting. But the loss she felt was more than expected, and before long we were emptying our front room and making space for a new and improved quilting machine. I had long been insisting that I would not be participating in the quilting adventures. She'd smile and say, "We'll see..."

The evolution began when she needed some help cutting the fabric to piece her quilts. I'd never done anything like that; it took me a little while to teach myself how to follow instructions - fold, and turn, and measure, and cut. Before long I understood the insanity of cutting a bunch of fabric up only to sew it back together again to make beautiful, colorful, fabric works of art. I get it now. And yes, I'm sold. I love pretty much everything about the quilting process. I have yet to master the quilting machine - that's John's job for now - but soon I will be taking on that challenge :-)

I haven't had the time lately to work in the sewing room, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. God willing - I'll be back at it soon. Granted, it's only one of several hobbies I will make time for, but it's something that most likely will be a regular part of our days when John retires. So, I'm making this corner of the blog all about the sewing room. It won't be exclusively about quilting - there are other sewing projects I enjoy and intend to get to, and even more I haven't explored yet!

So, welcome to the sewing room! Oh, and it's just one small path on the Rabbit Trail!

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