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Corona virus?

Updated: May 13, 2020


The corona virus is spreading rapidly world wide. My daughter leaves today for her birthday trip with a friend to California. I am not happy that she is going. I’ve tried to get her to change her plans, but all I did was manage to scare her a little. I think she’ll take safety precautions more seriously at least.

I have done the stock up shopping. I don’t think I went crazy, but I did contribute to the mood of doomsday a bit I suppose. For those watching the world and thinking this is no big deal, those of us stocking up probably look like fools. Although I don’t believe this to be Armageddon or anything, I do believe it will have a serious impact on the way we all live right now. It will make us look up and pay attention. It won’t be the last time a little booger stops us in our tracks for a time. We’ve known this would happen for a long time. Science folks.

I will include a screenshot of the current report of the day so you will have an idea what is happening today. It changes daily, growing exponentially. Until it peaks and dies out (I think that’s the way it happens, I don’t know for sure) or we find a cure/treatment for it, it will continue to do what it does. Make people sick, and the weaker among us will pay for our arrogance and blasé attitudes.

I realized this morning during my reading, that when we rely on God to help do the things we cannot do - most of the time he will only give enough to help us, and not just do it for us without us doing our part. So I had this vision of him holding my arm and helping me up from a fall, but he didn’t just pick me up - he helped me up. I had to exert my own effort, but when I had done all I could he filled in the gaps. I believe there are times when our effort is completely empty and he does, indeed, simply pick us up, holding us until we are steady on our feet. But if he did all the work for us, we would become lazy and not grow. We will never, ever be self-sufficient. When we are empty, he fills us. When we are the weakest, he is the strongest. It’s true. I still believe he wants us to do our best, knowing that in the end, it is only because of him that we are able to do anything at all.

Writing is still going to be a hobby. Herbs will still be a hobby unless I find a way to make it more. I asked Rachel if she wanted to help me and she said yes. We’ll see. I need to plan the garden for the summer soon. I also need to have a plan for where the garden is going to go… I think I might need to plant more than I had planned originally. I will ask for help from the kids.

Gotta go - it’s going to be a day. Not too bad though. I think it’s all going to be just fine.

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