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What is happening!?

I blame Lisa Jo Baker. I recently listened to an episode of her Out of the Ordinary podcast devoted entirely to all things tea. I heard over and over how wonderful and indulgent black tea with lots of cream and sugar is and I got curious.

So, I bought some Twinings British Black Tea. I boiled some water and told myself to be okay if I was disappointed by a lack of shared enthusiasm over this daily, cultural affair. Coffee is my thing. Coffee with lots of creamer - no sugar. Only Coffee Mate Original coffee creamer. No generic, no other brand, just Coffee Mate Original.

What is happening!? I was not prepared for this transcendent experience. LOL I've been drinking strictly herbal teas for so long that I had forgotten that tea is tea, and herbal tea is... well, something else really. But that's not a ding for herbal tea because I love, love, love some good herbal blended teas. I know the real tea snobs refuse to even call the herbal blends teas, but I'm not a tea snob. And my daughter is a maker of the most wonderful artisan herbal teas blends so snobs, with all due respect and affection, keep it to yourself. :-)

So the transition has taken place. Much like Lisa's BFF, Christie Purifoy, I allow myself a cup or two of coffee in the morning before switching to tea for the rest of the day. With cold weather upon us, I predict there will be lots of this delectable liquid in my favorite mugs.

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