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What it is

I'm considering making this space what it actually is rather than what I think it's supposed to be - my life in progress, not the life I hoped would be in progress. :-)

I'll try to knock out a Daybook post tomorrow. Some of the categories may need to be changed up a bit.

I'm also considering a podcast - one where I just sit and talk to myself and record it instead of just sitting and talking to myself - and not recording it. I may as well feel productive if I'm using valuable energy to have a conversation, right?

I've heard this line in a couple different places the past week or so - "stop trying to be who you are supposed to be and be who you are". I'm pretty sure it was Thor's mom giving him that sage advise. I think I might do well to embrace it. That's one reason I'm going to stop trying to be something I'm not here in this space - always waiting for words that might somehow change the world (even if only for one person). I'm just not that important or that powerful.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

I think I'll choose the first.

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