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Salmon Salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes, corn salad, baby spinach, fresh mint and basil
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The Cook

Welcome to the part of the blog dedicated to

my life as a home-cook.

My love language is food, and I'm fairly fluent, or so I'm told. I believe that loving people by feeding them well is what some would call a divine thumbprint - it's one way to live out the greatest commandments in a very practical way.

You won't find much original here, if anything at all, truth be told. I've collected recipes my whole life and tailored them to fit our personal preferences or what ingredients I had on hand at the time. I share long time family favorites as well as new recipes we've all enjoyed enough to include in our family cookbook.

My motto has always been, if you feed them,

they will come! Hope you find something here

that makes you hungry.

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