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Countdown to camp season!

We had some work done last month to get the camper relocated. The neighbor's tree was about to collapse on it so the man they hired to take it down reached out to us to see if we'd like to move it first. Hmmm, yes. Thank you! He leveled an area, spread gravel, relocated it and got it blocked - properly.

Our next goal will be getting a shed in place to store our new-to-us golf cart! We test drove it before we left for the last time last Fall and bought it from a really great guy. The check cleared (some folks still use those, yes they do) and it was released for family members still at camp to move it to our lot for us. It needs a home of its own now.

We have discussed so many possibilities for how we want to develop these lots for future use. We want the entire family to feel like it's their own home-away-from-home. We know they are busy raising families and working at this point in their lives, so they won't be able to be there as often as they'd like. John and I, however, are entering a new season. This will be a second home to us for a good part of the year. He still plans to work a couple more years, as long as some remote work is allowed, but soon he'll be retired and we'll be able to spend a lot more time there.

That being said... we have found what we hope will be our new digs! We really weren't looking for a new fifth wheel, but it just crossed our path at the right time and now our hearts are set on it. There are some details to work out so it's not a done deal, but hopefully - fingers crossed.

She is a beauty. And just look at the expression on my sweet husband's face. :-)

That's an "I really love this look" in case you didn't know.

I will be developing a page devoted to all things camping! I'll share all the things we have discovered (so far) that help camp feel as welcoming and relaxing as possible.

Stay tuned...

Oh, I can just tell you first and foremost, a portable waste tank (everyone at camp refers to them as a 'blue-boy' - I don't know why) was at the top of our list. If the trailer or RV you're using doesn't have one, better plan on purchasing one. Thank me later.

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