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Giving thanks - Breathing room. Beauty from ashes. Spring in full swing.

I am infatuated with the pomegranate margarita from our new favorite Mexican restaurant. I'm grateful that they opened one locally so we don't have to drive 45 minutes to the original location. But listen - I will, I will drive 45 minutes for that margarita and the shrimp tacos any day and twice on Sunday, as the saying goes. LOL

Outside my window - The doors are open this morning despite the fact that the high today will force me to close them again. The birds are busy with what birds do in April. The grass is green and even the leaves that lingered are fully open and giving shade to the back yard and tree line. The lawn needs mowed - badly. The garden waits to hear from us whether or not she will rest this summer.

Clothing myself in - Well, first it was just a t-shirt and a pair of jean capris, but then I decided to do a little something to see how I could "show up" this morning. Now it's the same jean capris, but I've changed to a pretty bright tank under a colorful large plaid collared shirt that my oldest daughter gifted me. I put on a little makeup, some dainty gold hoops, and even a little hairspray to control the stray bangs. The lighting for videos still isn't good so there will be required adjustments to be made. But I did show up a little LOL.

In the kitchen - Ohhh, this might hurt a little. I haven't really been cooking much lately. People who I live with are all sorts of mixed up right now. Between one who recently had bariatric surgery, one who is taking Ozempic at the cardiologist's direction, and one who, like me, can't make up her mind what she really wants, deciding on meals and sticking to them has become a much bigger challenge that it really ought to be. But still, I hope to get to my freezer and take an inventory so I'll be able to create a menu plan and resume cooking at some level. We're even considering a meal delivery option because there is too much waste happening.

Writing - As I struggle to sit down and get this daybook post written, I wonder if I'm not so much a writer as I am a 'talker'. Yes, I absolutely want to write, but my thoughts flow so much faster than my fingers.

On a recent outing to dinner with two of our daughters, I wasn't saying much on the ride. My husband noticed and asked what was wrong. I told him nothing, but he retorted, "You always talk, you're never this quiet." A younger me would have taken great offense at that comment, but the older (and dare I say wiser) me recognized that he was making an honest observation. I was upset about something we won't discuss here - ahem - and was nursing a raw emotional storm. But the truth of that comment wasn't lost on me. It's not the first time the observation has been made by others or myself.

I'm working on setting up a podcast - with or without video is yet to be decided. I've determined that actual conversations interest me far more than me simply spilling my thoughts in blog posts. My oldest daughter, Sarah, has even conjured up the perfect name for it - Momoirs. I hope you'll love it as much as I know I will. I'll make sure to keep you up-to-date.

I'd love to hear from women of all ages and stages what it is that they need to hear from other women. What is it that keeps you up at night? What do you hope a good mentor would tell you? What do you wish someone would have told a younger you? What would you tell those women following in your footsteps?

Reading - In collaboration with another daughter, I am sponsoring a book club called Beyond the Pages. I'm only able to read the books because of Audible, and for that I am truly grateful. We've read Midnight at Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber (again), and Tea and Treachery by Vicki Delany. I recommend both, however, I definitely preferred the first. I can't say what's next because it's a surprise!! As a member of the group, readers have a chance each month to win a free Blind Date with a Book from her gift shop. We'll also offer other products to encourage members to host their own gatherings for local friends and fellow readers.

WatchingSuits! Again. I can't help myself, I love the series.

ListeningOut of the Ordinary, one of my favorite podcast teams has resumed new episodes. They took a long break and came back refreshed and ready to talk about all the things. I am thrilled to see that they ended their advertising and became strictly listener supported. I'd rather support folks in that way than to have the growing number of ads interrupting the conversation. It's why I don't ever want to have ads on this blog - no pop ups and no sidebar ads. I have started including links as an affiliate, but they are links I've always shared anyway, and now I may or may not earn a little.

Making - No making. None. The quilting machine was taken down and put into storage. The fabric is all tucked away in the storage room on these fabulous racks, just waiting for the day I pull them out again. By the way, these racks and carts were a genius idea. Now everything is portable. I can roll it all anywhere in the basement I need to access it, without it taking up real estate in a permanent way. The bins help keep the fabric organized and dust free.

Camp - I've already shared our excitement over the progress at our camp lots and our potential new home on wheels. We leave for camp one week from today! We only have one week scheduled and we already know it won't be nearly enough. We are traveling a different route this time so we can go and stay with my brother-in-law and his wife in Morgantown, WV. We haven't seen their new place yet and we can't wait to see it and spend time with them.

The week ahead - That lawn that needs mowed, the garage that needs cleaned out before I can get to the freezer and really do a good inventory so I can plan meals, a 6th birthday party for a sweet grandson, and a haircut. Some packing will be involved.

I hope to do the guided reflection for April after I return from camp. You can download the page below  in preparation to do your own!

Download PDF • 38.91MB

Have a great weekend!


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