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Hello from Camp!

This is not untrue. But then this isn't really camping, it's more like what they call glamping LOL.

We are on day 6 of our first camping adventure for 2024, and there is a lot of story to tell already. None of it world shattering, and that's such a good thing, isn't it? That's what camp is for, to let go of the things we have no control over and remember what is good and beautiful about life. Of course it's not the only way, but it has become our preferred method.

We arrived here by way of a different route than we usually take. We stopped and visited family on the way through and got to see their new place. Wow!! What a unique and wonderful way to enjoy this season of life. Having no children or grandchildren of their own that will visit, and health concerns that help drive decisions, this couple chose a condo (near top floor) that overlooks a lovely river that flows through the mountains and a bustling university town. The situation couldn't be better for them, and we're so happy they found their way there.

During the two brief days we were there, we got to take a little walking tour of the older section of town and see some really cool places and enjoyed shared meals, and spent time catching up and making plans for upcoming trips.

Then on to camp via a mostly two lane, very winding, mountainous route that they recommended. I took the backseat to show mercy to our daughter who gets very motion sick. It's a good thing I did.

We arrived at camp and took inventory of the work that had been done (or not in this case). Our first real adventure started when he who shall not be named (John) accidentally locked us out of our RV. The car keys and the keys to enter a family member's place (where a copy of our RV keys were stored) were also in the RV. The one that was now locked. Having no other choice, John stacked the only things available that he could climb on to try to climb into a window (a very small window) to either unlock the door or reach the keys... do you see where this is going? Even if he could have managed to get through the window, we were reminded that he had recently broken a rib (that he is still healing from) bending over the side of our hottub at home - a whole other story. Rachel convinced him to let her try from a different window - one that was a little bigger and over a sofa not the kitchen sink and stove. Have you ever seen the inside of an RV? This is not a large landing spot for a grown man, or even a little man for that matter. I digress...

We were lucky enough to at least have the golf cart keys so we backed it up next to the said window and heaved her through it, literally. No broken ribs, but a nasty bump on the head and a hefty bruise on her (bad) knee. But when at camp one must make sacrifices for the greater good. Let's just say she took a big one for the team!

This camp adventure is a learning process and there is always work-in-progress, or waiting to be in progress. We met with yet another guy and gave very clear (written) instructions for the work that should have already been completed by the previous two... There will be conditions put in place for this round of work to make sure it's done properly and completely. Those conditions will require more trips to camp - oh the sacrifices!

We continue to meet our new neighbors and fellow campers. We truly do love this lifestyle and look forward to so much more of it. There will be more stories to write here but for now, I'm off to enjoy the time we have!

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May 02
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

How lovely you are enjoying your time, even the challenging parts! You were so close to us at one of your check ins on the way. Next time a couple more hours would bring you to our place! We would love to have you.

Susan Lawson
Susan Lawson
May 03
Replying to

Will definitely keep that in mind! It will likely be a regular route for us on one or two trips from IL to VA.

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