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How to make old-fashioned egg noodles like my mom's

If you've ever shared a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal at my mom's house, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say, "Mom's noodles". If you've shared a meal at our house for those holidays, the chances are you know what I'm talking about. LOL

These were a staple in our house during my growing up years and all those that have followed. I'm not sure who even taught her how to make them, and I know she didn't measure a thing other than with her hand all the years she made them. How many eggs you start with depends on how many people will be eating them PLUS how many you want leftover. Everyone knows that holiday leftovers were the real treat for those lucky enough to get them.

I now use the same noodles for my famous chicken noodle soup. Yes, it's famous - in our house at least LOL. Three simple ingredients - four if you make them too stiff to start. Flour, eggs, and salt. That's it. I honestly can't provide a recipe, per se, but I can give you a place to begin.

3 eggs

2-42 cups of flour (and enough additional to get a rather dry, sticky dough)

1 tsp salt

Let me just show you...

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