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Six-to-eighteen months. That's what I told her she has before she has to be moved out and settled in her favorite place on earth (so far). As much as I'd like to keep her close to the nest, I know it's not the best thing for her, and I want that more than anything else.

So earlier this month we packed a bag and boarded a plane headed south. The timing of the trip is another story altogether, one that will have to wait until I am ready to share.

We were welcomed with open arms and hospitality that puts five star hotels to shame. From the moment we felt Florida earth beneath our feet, we felt like we were where we belonged in that moment.

It was a six-day trip, packed to the brim with new friends, adventures, and vision for the future. It was all mixed with sorrow and good-byes but thankfulness also that a hard journey for a loved one had finally ended with a new eternal life just beginning - free from pain and suffering.

I'm just going to leave a couple of photos here that capture our memories of the trip. My phone is loaded with all the photos; these will remind me why it matters that we stay focused.

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