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Here's an experiment. Instead of all the other typical things I do before any words I might decide to share land here, I'm just gonna type and hit publish. I've figured out I don't really have anything world changing to say and very few people actually read these posts, so I think I'm safe from controversy. I'm definitely safe from becoming famous LOL

Although I haven't been getting up as early these days, I did wake up early this morning. I thought I'd come down and do a little piddling, but as life would have it I got a text from one daughter asking for help getting her kiddos to daycare since she's been up sick part of the night and needs some time to recover before starting her day. So much for piddling. I have just enough time to get a few thoughts written.

Sean Dietrich. I like his writing style. He is known as Sean of the South. Check him out if you get a chance and haven't already.

Why title this post as aging? Because that is what I'm in the process of doing. Well, we're all in that process from the day we are born, but somehow it seems like that's what my body and mind are focusing on these days. It's not a bad thing, it's just not something I can ignore. Things are changing and I have to change my attitude to match them. Like facing the fact that it would be a good thing to simplify our home now rather than waiting until I can't and we find ourselves in a pickle we can't get out of without serious help.

We're discovering and accepting that our dreams may have to be downsized a little or reduced in number at least. That's probably not the right way to say it, and I'm sure I could get a lot of pushback for saying such a thing. Still, I think I'm right. That's not to say that we shouldn't still have dreams or we should give up on the ones that really mean something to us, it's more like realizing that time has a way of "sifting and refining" them.

When I consider the list of things that need to be done around here and the projects I kept thinking I'd get to eventually, I realize that, no, I probably won't actually be able to keep up with those things now. My body literally won't allow it. Rather than fighting the current of reality, I'm trying to slow down and listen more closely. I'm learning new things about myself because of it. I'm starting to lean into this next season a little more reasonably.

Okay, that's it. I gotta go get those kiddos to daycare. I'm determined that if I'm going to call myself a blogger, then I better actually be a blogger. For better or for worse :-)

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Leanne Le Cras
Leanne Le Cras
Jul 02, 2021

I actually like living a slower life and keeping my dreams and aspirations on an even (and do-able) keel. I see other Midlifers who are trying to do it all and have it all, they seem to be constantly stressed, constantly trying to prove themselves, and it seems to me that their lives are very superficial. I'm planning on focusing on my family, being kind to myself, and having a casual and gentle approach to this second half of life - it's working well so far!

Susan Lawson
Susan Lawson
Jul 04, 2021
Replying to

I am finding that when I focus on my family it truly is all I ever wanted anyway. I never wanted fame or fortune, I just wanted to soak up every precious moment possible in this life with the people I love most. Keeping in mind that I love to cook, garden, tend our home, spend time in conversation with close friends and family among a few other simple things is always the attitude adjustment I need. I'm trying to stay in that head space and realize just how content I am with my life.

Thanks for your good example in being kind to ourselves!

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