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What it looks like...

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

... to live well and love well.

My sweet husband was out of town for Valentine's Day. I had been promising some of my kids that I would prepare and serve them a special dinner at home for a private date night. This was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I had so much fun preparing a four-course Italian dinner just for them. Shrimp cocktail, salad and fresh bread with dipping sauce, chicken Alfredo, tiramisu, wine and coffee. I think it was a success!

Rachel helped me decorate the front room with twinkle lights, candles and music. I even rigged a rack with a curtain for privacy from the kitchen space and lights. Then she left to babysit for them so they could enjoy the evening alone.

I'll be doing this again. I reclaimed my love for cooking and hospitality, even if only for one night. It's a start and a good one at that. I can feel it bubbling back up in my soul.

There's a line, who's next? LOL

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