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Updated: May 13, 2020

Giving thanks for -

A pastor who knows how to teach well.

The fact that Spring is around the corner, despite the cold and rainy day upon us.

Second chances.

Friendships that endure.


Children and grandchildren.

This life - with all its twists and turns.

Outside my window - still very much wintery weather, and raining today, but the promise of Spring was in the sunshine and 60 degree weather yesterday. The deck is waiting for some Springtime TLC - plants, bird feeders, a sun sail, and furniture. I am looking forward to providing that TLC.

Clothing myself in - mismatched, sort of pajamas. I haven’t managed to put laundry away from LAST Monday’s laundry day, so I have grabbed whatever was clean and available since then. I hope to remedy that today by getting all the laundry that I did yesterday (trying to get a head start on the week) put away and then I’ll have my favorite pajamas for tonight. I ponder whether or not I should return to my old habits of getting dressed before coming down in the mornings but haven’t decided to do so - yet. With Spring and the planned return to walks in the park I may decide that’s a good idea. I can get an early start by leaving as soon as I bid my husband farewell for the day if I have prepared myself ahead of time. Keeping house - Yes. That’s my focus. LOL Keeping it simple and easy to return things to order at the end of each day. There’s a longer story to share about this topic and I’ll see what I can do later in the week with a separate post, but The Lazy Genius told me last week on her podcast that it was okay to hire someone to clean my house. I’m going to take her at her word. But really, there is so much more so a separate post will have to happen...

Keeping it simple - Doesn’t it always come back to this? Keeping it simple in every area of our existence. Meals, schedules, routines, relationships, belongings, faith - it all benefits from keeping it simple.

To be fit and healthy - Working on it. I’ve been better about my water consumption, and am taking much better care of my skin, hair and nails. I try to remember my vitamins daily, and I plan to get back to walking soon. Lifting again is even on my radar. Just trying to get the margin in my life arranged to allow it.

John finally had to get to the dentist, but the motivation wasn’t pretty. Root canal is on the schedule for this week. He owns the fact that his misery is due to self-inflicted neglect. I still feel sorry for him. Pain is no friend, especially this kind. Pondering - A turquoise table in the front yard. It’s not new to me, I’ve heard about it before and even considered it. I’m considering it more today.

Listening to - quiet.

Reading - Issues of The Joyful Life. I hadn’t heard of it prior to a post I saw on some Hope Writer’s threads, but when I researched it I felt pretty sure I would enjoy them. I purchased all four back issues and the current one at the time. Since I received them and have perused the articles and content, I ordered the most recently published for Spring 2020. I am enjoying them immensely. Not cheap, but worth the cost considering they are only a quarterly publication. The photography is beautiful and the quality of the actual magazine is exceptional.

Watching - Outlander, again. We are re-watching the first four seasons before moving on to the most current season. We prefer to wait for it to finish and be available to watch all of it rather than waiting from week-to-week. Such an instant-gratification generation, right?

Loving the moments - God just puts people in my path and nudges me that they need my attention at that moment. Learning to shift my focus to the rather than be annoyed that I have to stop whatever else I was doing or attempting to do.

Also loving the moments when I am reminded that where we are and what we’re doing is enough. So many expectations of myself that I can release and be okay.

Planning for the week ahead - A meal plan might be in order. With our dental issues, neither of us want to eat anything of substance. Soup and applesauce seem to be better options right now. LOL

Words worth sharing - It’s gonna be okay.

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