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Updated: May 13, 2020

Photo courtesy of Christina Chadbourne

Giving thanks for - well, today there are a lot of things I think are on this list that I might not have thought to add to it just a few weeks ago. Toilet paper being one of them. Spring and all that it brings with it, carry out service at restaurants, the abundance of food that we normally have on hand to host family and friends for gatherings, technology and our ability to stay connected including video, the extra space in our home to welcome our grandkids for overnight stays, Amazon delivery, essential oils, social media - it’s a love-hate relationship but it is still very valuable, God’s word, which tells us over and over again not to fear, good books, time with my husband at home, that Rachel still lives at home during this time, the fact that I already grew out my natural hair color and I am not stranded with no hope of root coverage LOL. This doesn’t touch the list of things I am thankful for but, for now, it’s a start.

Outside my window - finally, the doors and windows are open, and I can hear and enjoy the birds and nature. Even though the weather was very mild all winter, it seemed to go on for entirely too long. I welcome the warmer temperatures and all the possibilities of a new Springtime. I can hear traffic in the distance, but I know it’s not the typical volume simply due to the shelter-at-home order. So many people are not going to work and all schools are closed.

We made some progress in the yard work last week - two apple trees that were planted too close and never really produced any good fruit were dug up and removed, the remaining peach trees were pruned well, grape vines were trimmed back severely and one was dug up and moved to a new space. I have no idea if it will survive, but it had to be done for the vision I have of our backyard space. The blackberries were also dug up. John moved Emily’s stone as part of clearing the space so they can start on the patio next month. I am told they are working still and on schedule. There is still so much to do. In fact, perhaps I need to add a “work-in-progress” category :-) 

Clothing myself in - sweatpants and a t-shirt. I hope to make some changes to my wardrobe soon. I have been contemplating a capsule wardrobe, but it will be my own version of one if I do. I am more productive with more energy and motivation when I arrive in the kitchen already dressed and ready for the day. I think it has to do with focus and intention. Keeping house - like so many other people, I have confirmed what I already believed to be true - it’s not that I don’t have time to clean some areas of my house, it’s that I don’t want to. When it’s all over, I still hope to hire a cleaning service for the bathrooms, floors, dusting and a few other things as needed. I really just don’t want to do it anymore. I have other things I really do want to do and I am finding that I have to preserve my energy and enthusiasm for those things if I hope to do them.

Keeping it simple - sheltering at home hasn’t changed a whole lot about the way my life already looked. The biggest change is the amount of people who come and go through the front door. The kids have kept a safe distance for the most part, in their best efforts to keep John and me safe. Thank you :-) I have also not been asked to go here and there to get this and that. If I don’t really need it, it will wait until I absolutely have to go. I like this part of the whole SAH thing to be honest. Waking up and knowing that the day is pretty simple with John working from home and dinner not being a big deal - I kind of like that. There is a slowness to it that appeals to my senses. I imagine this is what it might be like when he actually retires and doesn’t go to the workplace anymore. 

To be fit and healthy - I miss those walks in the park so much. I think the parks are closed for now, but when they reopen I plan to get myself back out there and start again. If I need to address issues with my feet, so be it. Walking is the thing I know I can do for the rest of my life to keep healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I had planned to start going to the gym with the girls to strength training again. I will hold onto that hope still. I have a choice to make and I pray I get the chance to make it. In the meantime, the best thing I can do - we all can do - is to stay home and do our part to “flatten the curve”.

Pondering - hmmmm, I’m not really sure right now. Too many things to narrow it down probably. 

Listening to - quiet still. I have some podcasts to catch up on I imagine. I also plan to watch church service from yesterday.

Reading - I picked up Blood Spell again and am almost finished. I knew I would be glad I dug back into books rather than tv if I could just get myself to do it. I was right. I ordered a couple other books last night so I can continue the series I started last year from the Realm Makers authors. I have so much material around here to read. The Joyful Life magazines are waiting on the shelf for me, all the herb magazines, and still a stack of other books I wanted to get to. I could never be “caught up” - there’s always going to be more to read. 

Watching - Nothing of importance. We are caught up with Outlander and now have to wait weekly for the next episode. Ugh. Who enjoys that? LOL I will focus on reading rather than watching...

Loving the moments - this slower pace suits me. I like knowing I don’t have to go anywhere. I have time to work on projects if that’s what I want to do. The hardest part is deciding which one is next. I love seeing how people are coming together. I love seeing the school busses delivering meals at bus stops to the kids out of school. I love seeing the sun finally shining from the east as it rises to brighten our day.

Planning for the week ahead - I hope to work on the menu before getting to far ahead of myself, and then the yard work, planting herbs and some veggies, and maybe even other projects on the list like sanding and staining our tables and painting our stairwell to the basement. I don’t actually have a plan. It’s not a bad thing really.

Words worth sharing - stay home. STAY HOME

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