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Giving thanks for - my husband who always gives so much of himself for me and our family. His dedication to providing for our family never ceases, despite the fact that he has grown to detest the work he is doing in his career field. I would love to see an opportunity appear for him to pivot to something that would bring him more satisfaction.

Outside my window - May 8 - the day before Mother’s Day. It’s cloudy and chilly. The forecast is calling for rain both today and tomorrow. That helps me make the decision about where to spend my energy working today. Yesterday it was in the yard. So much is getting done much later than it typically does.

Clothing myself in - Navy comfy knit pants and a long sleeve t-shirt (one of many from Walmart). I have my tennis shoes on and am ready to get to work in the basement as soon as I hit publish :-)

Home front - basics, basics, basics. Lots of TLC for all the nooks and crannies of our home and yard. I want to landscape with lovely plants of all shapes and sizes but there is much research to do before diving headlong into that project.

On the menu - I have not had a menu for the past few weeks. I need to get that done asap - it truly helps with everything. I have decided that we really need to simplify the selection of meals we make said menu from because taste buds have grown to be rather particular around here.

Writing - I did a brave thing. I accepted the invitation from a fellow Hope Writer to contribute something to a resource for parents of adult children. In retrospect I realize I didn’t think it through all the way. It’s a quite vulnerable piece with some things I haven’t really shared fully in public. My writing is always framed through the lense of recovery, but this feels different. It feels more revealing. I haven’t shared it myself yet. I planned to offer it here on my blog - I still do, but I’m a bit nervous about it.

Learning - how to come back when I veer off course. Each time gets a bit easier, but it surprises me that it still happens at all. Haven’t I lived long enough to know what I really want in my life and what I don’t? LOL

Watching - We finished The Originals. That is all. I want to stop watching and start reading. I sound like a broken record.

Making - I finally followed through on one project I really wanted to do just to see if I could. I created complete themed Bunco kits to sell at a local vendor market. They turned out great and I really like them. I sold exactly zero. In my defense, traffic was minuscule and I might do better if and when I post them on Etsy.

I also made a couple of cute dinosaur tails for the little people in my life who are obsessed with all things dinosaur. They love them and wear them with complete glee. That feels like success.

Mom and I completed a quilt and offered that up but had no takers. And last but not least one of the three aprons I made was the only thing I did sell. I think Etsy might be the answer for those also.

Loving the moments - I stole a few minutes holding my newest granddaughter this past week. Oh that snuggling feeling. I want more snuggles!! And I’m about to get them next week :-)

Planning for the week ahead - I’m starting to feel the bondage of expectations release a little. I can envision better possibilities for distributing my time and energy among the many priorities I value the most. It’s not easy. I rely daily on God’s guidance for the next right things. This next week includes more yard and house work that has been sorely neglected while I struggled with new responsibilities and pursuit of personal interests. Back-to-the-basics is always a breath of fresh air for me.

Naming what matters - People. Always people.

Words worth sharing - Pay attention. It is my “word of the year” for the second year in a row and I’m starting to wonder if it shouldn’t just become my lifelong mantra. I am seeing it and hearing it everywhere. Who exactly do I think is trying to get my attention? I think I should probably have this tattooed to the inside of my eyelids because I feel like I am falling short in many ways. I think I need a daily prompt to ask the question at the end of the day - to whom and what did you pay attention today?

Something to remember - We are celebrating Mother’s Day and housewarming at my daughter and son-in-love’s new home tomorrow! I am so happy for them. It’s such a wonderful house and she is really pouring herself into making it a lovely home.

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