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Giving thanks - I’m trying a new thing. I took on the challenge for #Gratitude365 a while back. The idea is to write something every day that I’m grateful for, and although there are things every single day for which I am so grateful, I lack the discipline to actually write about it every day. So I’m doing my best. You can see my gratitude posts on my Instagram :-) You can also see it at the bottom of this blog.

I will just add a quick note of gratitude here though for a God that says there is nothing too small or too big that I can’t bring it to him in prayer. Our garage has been a burden to my thought life for far too long. No one else really ever cares about it, but it is always just a burr under my saddle - if you get that reference. LOL Anyway, I asked for a lot of help from him this past month or so, but especially the last week when I really wanted to get the garage straightened (truly straightened, not just shoved into a corner or rearranged…) so I can park my van in there AND so it will serve our family efficiently. And he did help. The final frontier of our home has been conquered and resettled. It might be silly that it makes me so happy, but I don’t care. It is what it is.

Outside my window - November has finally arrived properly. The temperatures are dropping steadily and there were reports of snow flurries in the surrounding areas. The colors have been really good this year. The trees lining our neighborhood streets are spectacular. Neighbors’ trees on both sides of our home have marvelous color, and then there is our Ent.

Clothing myself in - Navy sweatpants and a burgundy sweatshirt, warm socks and house slippers.

On the homefront - I claimed the much needed (and disputed) time to get some housework and projects caught up. The shed is straightened and things stored properly and easily accessible. The garage, the basement, the storage area (in house, not so much the one off site), the cutting area, quilting area, and family space in the basement. The kitchen is in relatively good shape, and most things are stored where I can get to them and return them without rearranging everything to do so. There is always, will always be, more that I want or need to do. But this is a good start.

On the menu - We’re at the end of the menu so I don’t have a new one ready. I should probably work on that today.

Sarah wants some ideas on menus and meal prep and I am happy to oblige.

I feel like our tastes are changing so much and my menus need to adjust to the new likes and dislikes. It’s a new season alright.

Writing - Nothing. This Daybook post and a few Instagram #Gratitude365 posts. Am I happy about that? No. But again, it is what it is.

Making - Car seat ponchos for grand-littles and more quilts.

Researching how to make bird seed ornaments for our outdoor Christmas tree this year.

Loving the moments - Hearing my mom laugh with her great-grandsons. Having my brother and his wife surprise her with an impromptu visit. Being greeted by my grandchildren with shrieks of excitement. Does it get any better than this? :-)

Planning for the week ahead - Plans? What plans? I haven’t touched my planner in about three weeks now. I am finding it’s better not to plan and just go with the flow. I’m still not completely comfortable with the whole idea, but I’m finding it a little easier to accept when things don’t go my way - because hey, I don’t have a way. LOL

But wait - there is Thanksgiving and Christmas rushing at me. I have managed some preparation. We’ll see how the experiment goes...

Words worth sharing - “Be a lighthouse in someone’s storm.” From Out of the Ordinary podcast with Lisa Jo Baker and Christie Purifoy

Something to remember - That the effort has made a difference.

New song - Made by Spencer Crandall

New Podcast - Out of the Ordinary (the above mentioned) with Lisa Jo Baker and Christie Purifoy.

New book - sighhhhhh

Something new to try - we’re planning to have our Christmas tree outdoors this year. We simply don’t have space inside for a big tree and people to gather without frustration on my part. I want simplicity in our space and nature brings a sense of peace to my soul. So a big tree on the deck where it will be clearly visible from indoors is the idea. I have a growing Pinterest section that gives me hope that we can do this well.

Recipe of the week - This is a new section. Now I know I need to go through some cookbooks and find something new to try!

On a side note - I think I have figured out the right ratios of essential oils to make my favorite blend that I refuse to buy from its original source since I would eventually have to rob a bank to do… just saying - they’re not cheap. :-( What is the right ratio you might ask? 1 drop of each LOL. Yep, it’s that simple.







Cinnamon bark


Ylang Ylang

The original says there is Geranium, but I have found that I don’t like the blend as well with it as I do without it.

So give it a try and see if it “magnifies your purpose” ;-)

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