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Giving thanks - for unexpected Saturday night traffic that was magical for me. If you've ever thought your front door felt like a revolving door, you'll understand when I say that Saturday the door just kept revolving and bringing in more and more people. I literally sat on the sofa next to my husband with the remote control hitting pause and play every few minutes. People we love were coming and going and mingling in ways that in hindsight was simply magical. I even said so when I finally said goodnight to John way past our normal bedtime. The best things happen when you aren't expecting them!

I don't think I mentioned before...

He went to Jared ~ She said yes!

We have an(other) October wedding to plan!!

Outside my window - there is ice. Lots of ice. Schools were cancelled last night in anticipation of the hazardous conditions. One could complain about this, but the reason for the ice is that the temperatures are on their way up and out of the freezing zone. The forecast for the rest of the week includes highs in the 40s and 50s. I’m okay with a day of transition if it gets us to the warmer temperatures. I realize it might not be best for the earth - you know climate change and all - but it’s better for my mental health. I’ll take rain over snow any day. I pray for the safety of all who have to travel or navigate the circumstances in the meantime. Update: hubby is working from home now because the offices were all closed, and a certain flight was delayed... for an entire day. If I know that crew, they will make the very best of a disappointing situation.

Clothing myself in - there are two little boys asleep upstairs, and I know they will be ‘on’ the minute their eyes open, so I am fully dressed right down to my shoes. I recently had a haircut and it has resulted in much better hair days for me LOL. It’s still in a high ponytail today, but it’s a good fit for today!

In the kitchen - there has been more cooking lately. Still some things coming out of there that John and I just don’t care for - our tastes are changing so much. The grandkids definitely made it known that they want to be working in the kitchen with us, so I will make plans to incorporate things they can be very successful in preparing.

I purchased a replacement for our damaged air fryer. I came across one on clearance at Walmart a couple weeks ago. It was not just an air fryer though, it was a 10-in-1 kind of machine that takes up space on the counter equivalent to a small car. I quickly decided that was not going to work - it is exactly opposite what I am trying to accomplish in regards to simplifying our space. So that will be returned to the store, and I ordered a smaller one that was delivered overnight. Amazon is amazing, you have to admit. This smaller one is just right. It’s small enough I can move it to and from the storage rack I have just outside the door in the garage when I want to use it. More proof that bigger is not always better.

I still need to produce a menu for the week...

Writing - Still basically typing morning pages and not much else. I have a list of topics for blog content though. I’m determined to improve consistency with posting. Hold me to it, will you?

Reading -

Watching - Marvel marathon continues. Rewatching Discovery of Witches. The Ballad of the Songbird and Snake, and The Creator. I would recommend all except The Creator. I wouldn’t waste my time watching it again. I can never get that time back.

John and I try to get up early enough each weekday to watch something from Right Now Media. One recent series was entitled Fatal Distractions. It was very helpful for me as I continue to navigate a season that was not expected and is a daily challenge for me. I have recommended this online platform many times previously, and we continue to benefit from what it has to offer.

Listening - Clock ticking. Silence. Oh, you mean other stuff during the days - podcasts still. I did resume The Next Right Thing, this one in particular, and the timing was just right for the topic.

I wrote down some reminders for other podcasters from interviews on those I already listen to - I’ll have to explore and report back. Still holding first place for me is That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs.

Making - reworking Bunco Kits. Considering other things that I might add to The Lovely Little Shop. Aprons, casserole covers, table runners, eye pillows, bags, etc. Quilts are still a long way off I think. My attention span is too brief to count on bigger projects. It's not just my attention span, it's how my time is broken into bits and pieces - there are never any real chunks of time, so working in the cracks usually means smaller projects (if any at all truth be told).

Camp - plans are starting to ramp back up! Our 40th wedding anniversary celebration will take place at our camp! Save the dates have been posted. We hope to make at least one trip prior in order to get the lots settled and prepared before the big gathering.

The week ahead - those two little boys I mentioned. Some clothes shopping because one of them declared all his clothes are too small and he knows ma-ma Lawson will take home shopping! :-) Yes, indeed, she will little man.

Also some final work to get the house of our oldest daughter cleared out. Everything has fallen into place, she has moved into our home for a time while she regroups, and the house sold a couple days after a 4-year journey to divorce came to an end. God’s timing.

Loving God and loving people - I’m seeing a little more clearly now how fog, fire, and fear all challenge my ability to do this well. Knowing that is half the battle.

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