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Giving thanks - for good habits John and I have created over the past year. Small things done consistently, over time, build these good habits. I am grateful for decisions we have made because of obedience to God. He is faithful, and we have witnessed that many times and in many ways.

Outside my window - Is that the sun shining?! I think it might be. The weather has been the typical rollercoaster ride from the past few years. We’re never sure if it’s climate change or if our memories are just selective, but it sure seems different these years. I’m not complaining. I don’t like the cold. Actually, I don’t like extremes of either hot or cold. So the mild temperatures we’re having in this first week of a new year will result in no complaints for me.

The Christmas tree is still on the deck waiting for us to figure out how to dispose of it - burn it in the summer or haul it to the local park where they collect them. What do you suppose the decision will be? LOL

Although I cannot see it from my window - we have newly installed solar panels - lots of them.

The yard is already whispering suggestions to me for Spring. I’m listening…

Clothing myself in - flannel plaid pants (aka pajamas), and a long sleeve black t-shirt (also aka pajamas). Crocs and my usual ponytail.

In the kitchen - The counters are waiting for a good clearing and cleaning. I think I can hear it whispering to me too - “When will you get to those cabinets and drawers. You’re spending too much time in the basement.”

Lasagna for dinner tonight - there will be grandchildren here and that sounds like a winner. John has asked me several times to make the focaccia that we tagged in our Facebook feeds. It might be a good day for that.

Writing - I have committed to MP (typed) every day. So far, I have met that goal. I intend to continue to do so.

Mastermind will resume Monday evening. I’ve missed it. I’ve missed pursuing creative adventures. I want to put Teaching Tuesdays on my schedule and maybe invite Christina to watch them with me. There is a writing schedule forming in my mind.

Reading - I haven’t been reading, but my kids sure have been!! Even Josh has gotten on board and is reading for pleasure - books that I think the girls and I would also enjoy.

Watching - The Chosen. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I don’t know why it took us so long to watch it, but this I will never regret spending the time to sit and watch.

Listening - Music from Rachel’s playlists. :-)

Making - Space. Lots and lots of space. Decluttering with a fervor unprecedented. Also, puppy quilts.

Camp - WE BOUGHT A (USED) RV!! We’re in the process of making arrangements for it to be moved to our campground. John and I sat down with our calendars and got dates penciled in so he’ll know when to take time off and when to arrange for Mom to visit family back home. So excited about another camp season.

The week ahead - Well, it’s Friday. I usually get these Daybook posts written on Monday. I decided it doesn’t really matter what day it happens, but Christina and I agreed that consistency is what really matters. I will always use these posts as a help in reflecting on our memories. Dedicated readers will always look for consistency and regular posts, so this is my attempt to encourage that.

This first post of the new year may seem a little discombobulated, but it’s getting done. That matters to me.

I hope to finish up the decluttering in the next day or two and then get on with some other projects. Until next time…

Love God and love people!

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