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Dipping Oil

My husband and I enjoyed a rare date at the Bonefish Grill last month. We'd forgotten the wonderful bread and dipping oil they provide while you wait for your entree. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a firm believer that I can make pretty much anything at home that someone else can make in a restaurant. I mean, someone somewhere is making it, right?

Initially, I was convinced it was simply a basic pesto; basil, garlic, parmesan, etc... but John insisted it was not quite right. Adding pesto to oil for dipping is very good, but this is so much better!

Bonus - I grow most of this in my herb garden. I don't currently have parsley, although I usually do, and I have never grown garlic, although I really want to! This recipe makes me want to grow it all.

There is bread warming in the oven as I write this, and dipping oil waiting to be enjoyed.

You can make this and keep it in the fridge, but I honestly don't know for how long. The best way to enjoy this is making it and serving it right away, but making it ahead a day or two will be okay also.

Next up - conquering that perfectly crusty baguette!

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