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January Reflection

Well, February is starting out sunny and unseasonably mild! If you know me at all, you know I'm not complaining.

With January behind us, it's time to take a moment to reflect on all that the first month of the new year brought our way. Can you believe it's already a full month into a new year?! The old adage that time passes more quickly with age isn't wrong! Time doesn't change, of course, but our perception of it certainly does.

I'm going to use the guide I created and posted a couple weeks ago to record my month. Won't you join me? The guide was uploaded and available to those who subscribed to the site, but I'll be adding the pages monthly here for anyone who wants them - no strings attached.

As for me...

I am grateful for

  1. A new future daughter-in-law! He went to Jared, she said yes! The proposal took place just shy of midnight on New Year's (so I guess technically this would be a December 2023 gratitude, but I will remain thankful all year long and for all the years to come!)

  2. A trip to Atlanta to accompany our daughter to Passion. It's true, I've aged out of the conference, but I was able to be with her after the sessions to help process all that she was hearing, as well as watch it all online myself.

  3. Much needed closure for my daughter when her nearly four year divorce journey came to an end. That is a story for another time - it was never contested or ugly really - but the system, oh I have so many words for the local system.

  4. A trip to Florida for the same daughter to regroup and rejuvenate. It was good to see her so happy and free from the burdens, if only for a little while.

  5. A week long adventure with little boys while their parents were on a much needed vacation together.

  6. So many birthdays!!

  7. My best friend and Kindred Spirit, Robin, called for our Mastermind group to resume, and I am incredibly grateful for the gathering of friends and creative minds.

Outside my window ~ Sunshine and a backyard that reminds me Spring will be upon us in no time. There's a lot of work to be done out there; lists will be started soon.

The hot tub investment turns out to be very worthwhile :-)

Creative rabbit trails ~ I am revisiting old ideas and projects because they still appeal to me. I'm realizing that the purpose behind all my projects really is in support of purpose of my life and my blog - it's about loving God by loving people, and attempting to bring about a sense of community - in real life. Bunco, aprons, blogging, sewing - they have been on repeat in my brain and I think I'm starting to understand why.

Leisure ~ I've embraced sitting in the evenings next to my sweetheart and watching television. It's not the television viewing the matters, it's my proximity to him that matters. Learning to sit still also seems to be difficult but important for me.

I attempted to work out a trip to visit family in Florida, but the timing wasn't right. I'll be trying again soon! We have multiple trips to camp on the calendar now. We just need to work out all the details. Camp is leisure for us.

Serving/community ~ I kind of have a built in community and plenty of service to offer. I still miss our Life Group. We hope in a different season there will be more opportunities for gathering with friends. For right now, it's all family.

Something to remember ~ I will look back on my notes and remember how much God has been pouring into my life this month. Maybe even the past couple of months. In some ways I feel like he has sent many messengers to me with the same message delivered in a variety of ways to be sure that I don't miss it.

Words that mattered ~ "Your purpose isn't what you do, it's what happens inside others when you do what you do". I think this is a quote from Dr. Carline Leaf, but I haven't confirmed it. Regardless, I needed to hear it. I needed to know it.

I'm going to work on what worked, what didn't, and what can I do differently...

Next month, well, technically this month - I'm going to eat better. I will get my diet (when I say diet I mean lifelong style of eating vs. fads that do not good) under control and make healthier choices. The whole family is now on board, so we can do this!

Also, I am serious about pursuing work that is meaningful and will help contribute to our income so that John can retire. I'm letting go of notions that I can't do both, be a homemaker {Placemaker} and have some work that results in good things for others as well as income for us.

Have you done your reflection? Please feel free to share what things you might have learned while working through the process - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy February!!

You can download this page for your use!

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