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Just for Today

Caregiving is hard some days, but not all days.

Caregiving requires that you allow yourself to be emptied of yourself, and filled with something more.

Caregiving is worth the hard days and the emptying of oneself.

It's not hard because it's physical work always; sometimes it just means you don't know what's next. What's the next appointment, what's the next need, what's the next obstacle, what's the next mood? It's a very good exercise in putting the motto "Just do the next right thing" into practice.

I realized on my way home from an errand that, with the right perspective, a planner isn't for making my plans so much as reminding myself of the plans given to me. Too many "next right things" tend to be forgotten and the planner is a great place to keep that running list.

On a side note for the future me - I'm finally willing to do my part.

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