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Mopeds, moss, and rain gutters

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Time just keeps on moving, doesn't it? When you are trying to create a space for your stories on a blog, the long passage of time between posts is a telltale sign that one is not consistently writing, or maybe just not posting. In my case, it has been not writing at all. Morning pages have been few and far between. But I am trying to restart my engine.

Much has been happening while I have been away from the keyboard; most of it in my head and heart, but also in our backyard.

During a routine doctor's appointment for Mom, we discovered a health issue that needed to be managed immediately. It required an (13 hour) ER visit for a blood transfusion, an endoscopy, postponing of her visit back home, and the cancellation of our much anticipated trip to camp. As it turned out, she was able to go for the visit and be present for the Celebration of Life for my sister, Audrey. A crowd of family and friends gathered to remember the beautiful way she lived her life and the courageous way she faced her death. It was a reflection of how much she is loved and will be missed.

While we weren't able to go to camp, we were able to tackle a lot of work that we've been wanting to do at home, mostly getting our deck and backyard ready to welcome our own crew. It's nearly complete and we love how it's all coming together. Can't wait to start enjoying the space together.

Just because I haven't been writing or posting doesn't mean I haven't had thoughts stirring that I wanted to write. I thought I'd pop on here and capture a few before I forget entirely. It's an eclectic collection for sure.

Not my photo - a quick Google search and I think this is the one!

We drove into our neighborhood last week and were waiting on a young girl to make her way around our cul-de-sac before backing into our driveway. She was on a tiny mini-bike, and she was smiling from ear-to-ear. It brought back memories from when I was around 14 and my mom purchased two mopeds - one red and one blue, both bright and shiny. At 14, in our little midwest town, a moped provided me a level of freedom that most didn't enjoy. I remember while driving it I had to make sure I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to swallow a swarm of river bugs that always took up residency in our town - it was after all a river town. It was a small price to pay for such freedom. I could get anywhere I wanted to go on that little moped, and I did, until someone stole if from the front yard of my best friend at the time and tossed it over the seventh street bridge. It was a long way down and the fall mutilated that little piece of joy into a pile of mangled metal. The bridge didn't span a river or other body of water, just the valley that ran into the industrial section of town.

Needless to say, I missed my freedom. I don't recall how the other moped went missing, but I know after mine was stolen and destroyed, we didn't have either of them. I can't imagine turning a kid loose in our current town on a moped. Things just aren't the same, are they?

Speaking of things not being the same, I watched this Facebook post recently that talked about my generation's childhood. It hit most of the marks pretty well, right down to the 7-Eleven slurpy. It missed one very important thing though - rain puddles and rain gutters. Whenever the rainstorms arrived in our neighborhood, I was sure to get outside so I could splash in the huge puddle that filled up on the corner across from our house, or stand underneath the gutter of the house - our's didn't extend to the ground like they do today, they just went to the end of the roof and gushed out like a modern day waterpark bucket drop. Talk about old-fashioned fun times! LOL

And last but not least in the random collection of thoughts - moss. My son and I share a deep appreciation for the simplicity and natural magnificence of moss. I have rough draft of a story that begins in a magical place where moss grows abundantly and hangs from the trees in veils of peaceful green. He wants to have an entire lawn of moss. For my part, I plan to cultivate moss in many places around our garden and in our yard. I learned you can "grow your own moss". What? I haven't tried it yet, but I read that I can take some of the moss already growing in our yard, add it along with buttermilk, beer, or other liquid in a blender and blend it into a paintable slurry to spread or pour over rocks or bricks. I plan to give it a try - I'll come back and report on my efforts (if I remember).

And that's all for today friends! It's off to the lab for a new blood draw to see if Mom is improving (or at the very least stabilizing). More work around the yard and house, and then an afternoon appointment for me - for my feet. Hoping to remedy the pain from bunions so I can resume walking (pain free) again.

I also am trying to learn a new tool for recipes to make them much more accessible and printable for the blog. Wish me luck, will you? :-)

Until next time - have a wonderful week!

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