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I'm having a Thing here today. I hope to have more to share about it later. For now, I just wanted to hold space for the words that I will want to share about it. But I need to go prepare for the Thing. I think I will understand myself better by the end of the day.

Really it might be that I just wanted an excuse to add a photo of this beauty to my blog space. When my mom came to live with us last year, she left behind a lifetime worth of peony bushes behind. It grieved her, but she never said a word. As we were walking to the counter to pay for a hibiscus plant we thought she would like for Mother's Day, I saw two beauties and knew instantly this is what she would really love. So we brought home two Peony trees. They have been waiting patiently for their new home in our yard. Yesterday we introduced them to their new living arrangement and they seemed very content with our choice.

I love it when the right thing shows up at the right time.

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