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Random Friday Thoughts

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Good Friday morning! It is a Good Friday morning for me - my sweet husband is taking off to help me get some projects done around the house and then we’ll have the rest of the weekend to relax and enjoy ___________. The blank will be filled in at the end of the weekend since we never know what God is bringing our way.

A certain grandson of ours is having his second surgery today to get a badly broken arm into proper position and re-pinned and cast. He’s a trooper. Prayers are being lifted for him and all those who will be caring for him, and his mama and daddy, of course.

It stormed like crazy last night - thunder rolling, and torrential rain. The sun is coming up ready to scorch the earth again today. The back field needs to be mowed since our regular service couldn’t do it after a week’s vacation and the resulting growth. We’re considering purchasing a riding mower, but that also requires a trailer if we want to be able to transport to other locations that we might want to help mow. Where oh where does one store a trailer in a subdivision with very little wiggle room? TBD…

I’ll be starting my day off by cutting some fabric strips for GiGi. She needs to sew, and when I say need I do mean need. It’s a lifeline for her; without something meaningful to do she gets bored and down pretty quickly. I have actually come to enjoy what work I am able to do in the quilting room, but it’s not nearly enough. I want to do more. I just have to figure out how to fit one more thing into 24 hours…

Side note - just for fun - I took pork chops out to thaw and one package fell on my lower leg. Man did that hurt! A nice little lump and bruise is coming up already. Who would have thought I would be assaulted by pork chops this morning? LOL

I want to mention to my future self, and any of my children or their children and so on, that I am coming to truly love and appreciate our home. It’s still not the home we always dreamed of, the space is still wonky when it comes to having everyone together here, but it is serving us so incredibly well that I find it very difficult to complain these days. I stood in our garage last night where there is a mess of stuff waiting to be painted or repaired and returned to its rightful place inside, and the two ridiculously old refrigerators chock full of drinks and food for those who come in and out of the rotating doors, and I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving. The driving rain and wind were beating against the doors and walls of our home, but we were all safe inside. At that moment, I just had an overwhelming sense of safety and gratitude. I’m so grateful for God’s ‘no’ when we asked him for a different house. It felt like an unanswered prayer, but do those exist?

Well, I should get started on those fabric strips! Have a wonderful day. I hope to be back soon with a Daybook post!

PS This weekend is a vendor fair at a local pumpkin farm. Two of my daughters plan to set up and sell their teas and baked goods. I think we’ll take a drive up and enjoy the fair and what is supposed to be beautiful weather.

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