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We’re goin’ on a float trip, we’re gonna have a good time!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

5:30 AM

I might not be up this early on a Saturday morning these days, but today we’re going “floating”. :-) Yep, it’s finally happening. But only because Christina made it happen. Listen, a person can only do that for so long in their life if they are not getting positive feedback, support, and encouragement. We have to let her know how much this has helped and meant, and we also need to do some of that work ourselves in support of the family so she doesn’t feel like she’s the only one and ends up getting totally burnt out.

Word count, huh? I’m in.

This was a pretty straightforward and easy thing to get prepared for, in my opinion. We don’t need much, not staying overnight or camping. We basically need our swimsuits, dry clothes, towels, sunscreen, maybe a hat if I can find one, and a cooler with drinks and sandwiches. Boom. Done.

Yesterday we extended hospitality, right where we are and in the shape we’re in. The house is not a disaster but certainly not what I would normally have preferred to have for a gathering. The fact that it was all our family makes it easier. I love that it was fairly unplanned and that we all just enjoyed the time together - over tacos. LOL

I don’t plan to take my phone on the float, so I’ll have to rely on the generosity of other family members to share their photos, but I hope to be back tomorrow with some captured moments. For now, I am sharing the above photo. Some of the players are missing, aka family members, but I couldn’t resist spreading these out and savoring the gift of these beautiful souls, and the wonder of having this big, loud, messy family.

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