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What's next?

I saw that in a couple of places recently. It seems that when a good idea gets floated, it tends to make its way around.

I've been thinking a lot about 'peopling' these days. I miss people. I really miss people. I miss some more than others, of course.

Sunday's teaching at church focused on strongholds: identifying things we believe that are not true and are holding us captive in one way or another. It was one of those times when you feel like you might be the only person in the room - like the message was meant just for you. It wasn't hard to identify my first stronghold. I think I've been wrestling with it for months, maybe years now. Perhaps it started years ago and as time has gone by I've allowed it to take hold at such a deep level that I've come to believe there is no way to be free of it. I won't go into details about what my particular stronghold is, but I will say that I think it has controlled the direction of my life in ways that I'm not proud of or content to allow to continue. Some things must change, and mostly what has to change starts in my mind. Isn't that the case for so many of us?

I wanted to write a series of posts about what 12-step programs refer to as 'stinkin-thinkin', but John said I should probably change the phrase to something with less program language. I'm not sure I agree. I think 'stinkin-thinkin' is a pretty good way to describe what happens to us. We get caught in a loop of negativity, believing things that are untrue, exaggerating the truth, complaining, feeling helpless, and so many other things that hold us captive in our own headspace. When we catch even a glimpse of light outside the self-imposed prison, we know there is freedom within our reach.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series at church, and I plan to purchase the book that inspired it. I just have to remember what it was LOL. For now, I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I really hope to come back here and share what I learn, and invite anyone who finds themselves dealing with their own 'stinkin-thinkin' to share in the conversation.

Did I mention that I miss people?

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